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Baker’s Delight Targets 100 Gen Y

DBChristmas in Australia is a hot time for giving so I’m going to give a little early cheer to Bakers Delight. Anyone in serious franchising could really appreciate a strategy to capture a new wave of Gen Y franchisees especially as the old franchisees cannot manage to find a way out.

Baker's Delight general manager Chris Gurney says it's difficult to pin down exactly where there has been such a fall in applications.  SmartCompany

Well; I’m with Chris on this. Damned if I can see why people wanting to throw the dice wouldn’t like a challenge like Bakers Delight. Seriously; franchisees have made so much money they are prepared to sell up or out for whatever they can get.  My sincere advice to investors is to get in quick; buy yourself a Christmas trick before the price goes down. Hurry or you’ll miss out!  

The program is off to a slow start – Gurney is only 38 franchisees strong with a goal of reaching 100 by the end of the financial year. But he says that even though the company is below target, "we're confident of getting close by the end of the financial year".

Well; I’m with Chris again. By June 2011 the turnover of franchises on the market should play right into the hands of the smarty-pants investor. I just hope they live the dream for a little longer than those that went before them.

The challenge with dealing with Gen Y is the same as any other ..

Since I’ll be around for a few more years I want to be this franchisor’s Christmas gift that just keeps on giving and for as long as ex-franchisees keep rolling my way.

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