Blue MauMau's Privacy Policy

Blue MauMau has been built to make it easy to share information with others. When you register on Blue MauMau, you provide us with two types of information: information you knowingly choose to disclose about yourself and Web site use information collected by us as you interact with our Web site.

Guests and members should be able to contribute news about the franchise industry without providing their contact information, if they so desire. We defend that right at Blue MauMau. One exception is that guests and members can select to have advertisers and others contact them. But unless they specifically fill out an advertising / franchisor lead form and select an advertiser, their contact information will not be released to any third party.

Postings will not be deleted. On a social web site, pull out one comment and it affects a whole thread and patch of postings by others. That's not fair to others. So be careful what you post. Think carefully.

Disclaimer to Third Party Sites: Links to external, or third party Web sites, are provided solely for visitors' convenience. Links taken to other sites are done so at your own risk and Blue MauMau does not accept liability for any linked sites or their content. When you access an external Web site, keep in mind that Blue MauMau has no control over its content or whether that site identifies and tracks you.

Exceptions: We may, without notice, release specific information about you or your account to comply with any valid legal process from an attempted breach by you to the security of this website (hackers) or in any attempt to publish a physical threat to yourself or others. Do not even joke about doing physical harm to yourself, others or to this site. All such statements will be regarded as a serious declaration of intent. Not only will such a posting not be published but the authorities will be privately informed. Blue MauMau would then cooperate with the authorities to attempt to track down such a threat. But such cooperation would be targeted ONLY to the individual who posted a threat.

Spammers and hackers will be banned from this Web site and reported to appropriate authorities, including law enforcement for Internet crimes, solely at the discretion of the Web site owner. There is a zero tolerance policy for spammers. Blue MauMau also will remove postings from cyber trolls who use continuous ad-hominem attacks on individuals without collaborating documents and facts in order to inflame or side-track discussions. We suggest a civil discourse that focuses on companies, brands, business issues, problems or policy rather than attacks on individuals (see comment posting guidelines).

In other words, it is our intent to keep this coral garden free of sea snakes.

Registered users of Blue MauMau may modify or delete their profile information at any time by logging into their account. Information will be updated immediately.