BlueMaumau Recomendation

Anderson, Indiana Attorney Sam Hassler publishes a blog titled Indiana Civil & Business Lawyer. In his blog dated May 4, 2007 Titled: Sites to Check Out: Franchising & Bankruptcy, he wrote:

Finding information on franchising is not all that easy. For technical information, nothing beats the FTC site. Franchising news, however, gets trickier. Some sites are just about drawing in potential franchisors and franchisees. Now I have found Blue MauMau and I think it hits all the marks for a franchising news site. Anyone with any interest in franchising should check it out.


Believe & Succeed, Dale FranSynergy, Inc. SYNERGIZING FRANCHISING!

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I Want The Truth!

Very neat endorsement. I think Mr. Blue is on to something big here - the truth, in all its shades of grey.

Nicholson: "You want answers [about franchising]?"
Cruise: "I think I'm entitled to it."
Nicholson: "You WANT answers [about what's happening in franchise networks]."
Nicholson: "You CAN'T HANDLE the truth. Son [franchisee / franchisee candidate], we live in a world with walls, and those walls need to be guarded by men..."

[Scene from A Few Good Men]

Franchisees Can't Handle the Truth??

FranSynergy & Bob,

Thanks for the endorsement and the opportunity to preach to the choir. Blue MauMau certainly does strive for truth. What is unique is that our readers contribute news and information. After all, franchisees and franchise insiders are in the best position to know the truth. So don't just read, please share what you can.

By the way, I went to your link and found this spoof of the scene in A Few Good Men that you speak of. Readers should get a kick out of it. I did.

Are there any video folks out there that can make a funny franchisor (Nicholson) / franchisee (Cruise) version of this?