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As many of you know through first hand knowledge or from having read my writings, my grandfather was very influential in my life.  He did his best to teach me the importance of being a caring and generous person.  He encouraged me to give back to my community, and to always help those who are less fortunate.  He also taught me that charity starts at home.  Well today I consider myself to be a caring and generous person.  I try to live my life in a way that allows me to keep the 6 areas of life in balance (Spiritual, Family, Financial, Social, Mental, and Physical).   I try to help those who are less fortunate, however I've always thought 1st is God, 2nd is country (taxes), 3rd is Me, my wife & kids, 4th the rest of my family, 5th friends in need, 6th members of my church in need, 7th people in my town in need, followed by people in my county, state and country.  I've always had this 'thing' about people helping people outside of the U.S.A. when we have people starving here in the U.S.A.  Perhaps I took my grandfathers advice about 'Charity Starting at Home' a little too serious.

One of my biggest 'mental' challenges in helping people outside of the U.S., besides my over stimulated belief that charity starts at home, was always how will it make a difference.  Like everyone I'd see the television commercials about starving children in villages, half way around the world, where there was no running water, no electricity etc.... I'd hear about the millions who were dying each year in these far away lands.  It was just all too FOREIGN for me to comprehend.  It was beyond my understanding.   I could not see how my $25, $100 or $1,000 was really going to make a difference in these people's lives.  I did understand how I could make a difference in lives of a family here by buying them a week of groceries, or paying their electric bill etc... 

However, tonight I've seen the light.  My EYES HAVE BEEN OPENED WIDE!  Tonight I watched a television program that actually changed a core philosophy.   I saw how people with the right talent, comitment, and mindset can in fact effect change in these far away lands.  I did see how millions of lives could be changed quickly, efficiently and effecively.  You may recall a post here at Bluemaumau in response to a question asked by Frankman in which Michael Seid, wrote:

..... I don’t have the inclination or time unfortunately to enter into lengthy debates here. I don’t mean that to sound disrespectful in any way, it is simply a fact of a very time constrained practice and other interests that consume my time. If anyone is interested in my current activities I recommend that you watch the program NOW on PBS that will be broadcast on Friday, May 25th and which will also be available as a streaming video for future viewing.

Well immediately upon reading Michael's post I knew I wanted to watch, however here in N.W. Alabama it aired at Midnight.  So, I set the DVR and then forgot about it --- until tonight.   I hit play on the DVR and was totally mesmirized for the next 30 minutes.  YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS VIDEO.  I searched the web and found a link to a high quality video of the show.  Regardless of you feelings about giving, franchising or some of the people mentioned in the video, who have also been mentioned here on Bluemaumau, you need to watch the video.  It's shows a great concept, and a great example of American ingenuity and creativity for problem solving.  It show's the POWER OF THE FRANCHISE MODEL like it has never before been seen.   Click Here to Watch

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Empowerment and the Franchise Concept

Yes, when the franchise concept can be used to save lives and entire continents from AIDS and other terrible diseases that can be cured with drugs, it is admirable and a tribute to American ingenuity and to the free enterprise system.
However, I still think that there should also be a humanitarian effort here at home to save "franchisees" who will become refugees from the good American life when they invest their "all" and lose it because of trust in government integrity in the regulation of franchising.
I have always admired Jimmy Carter and his wife for their efforts to help those throughout the world who need help and the other true humanitarians who give of their time and money and put themselves at risk to help the less unfortunate of the world. I am happy that humanitarians like Paul Wolfowitz, who obviously believed in helping himself and his friends as well as the world's poor, is now out on the job market and perhaps will take up franchising.
I do not know Michael Seid, except through his postings and his PR statements, some of which are available on the Internet. I haven't purchased Franchising For Dummies because, of course, we already are finished with our "dummy" experience and can't be helped, and I have more important things to do with the discretionary money we have.
I hope Michael Seid treated Item 20 differently in the book than he did in one of his Internet PR statements wherein he indicated that Item 20 references were highly important but that Item 20 statistics were confusing or something like that and could be ignored by the prospective franchisee.
You know, of course, that I sincerely believe that Item 20 is a deal between the regulators and the government wherein the government doesn't have to know either the failure or the success rate of the business plan that they are regulating on behalf of the public.

Item 20 "Smoking Gun"

I did it! I was the one who started the Item 20 conspiracy back in 1978. I met with the 9 CEOs of the major franchisors, the FTC, the IFA and various state regulators one-by-one at the Willard Hotel parking garage bottom deck in Washington, DC. We plotted and planned our Item 20 strategy and IT WORKED! I now live in a Sout American country without an extradition treaty with U.S. and am enjoying my annual stipend/residual from the beneficiaries of the Item 20 plot.

I have to hand to you guest poster guy, it has taken so many years for someone to uncover the Item 20 conspiracy and to be brave enough to blow the whistle.

Good luck with your jihad!