Mission Statement

Blue MauMau's Core Purpose (Our Mission Statement):

"Blue MauMau unleashes social media tools to inform franchise investors."

Our Publishing Model: We do not have robots to crawl the web. Our grand experiment in upgrading the level of transparency in the Industry depends on humans - YOU (our members and guests) - to find information and links. To share the news as well as insights on what is really going on. Our site's strength and its weakness is that it is only as strong as the voluntary contributions that readers are willing to make. So the challenge we issue to members and guests is (1) to share on this site important franchise information and (2) to spread the word to your colleagues and friends about the Blue MauMau community.

All of us need YOUR help in finding buried or even unpublished information.

It is our promise at Blue MauMau to organize the information you share to more easily be used by all. To share information, click here or click on "share!" in the colored tabs on the top of the web page (right).

The more people we have sharing, the more information will be available to help everyone make more informed investment decisions in a franchise. So please spread the word about this site to other franchise owners, buyers and experts.


Search Engine Being Upgraded

It's not just enough to have the information and resources somewhere on our site. It needs to be easily accessed.

In our mission statement of organizing franchise information, look for a much upgraded search engine to be provided on Blue MauMau.

Don Sniegowski Publisher