Happy Hour with Richard Solomon and Seamus Muldoon


Last fall I and others decided to explore the establishment of a Franchise Academy Seminars program for would be franchise investors. What with one thing and another, the need to establish an advertising budget and set governance protocols, and decide what to charge people for attendance, it simply didn’t happen.

I have decided to do it on my own, without charge. It will be fun for me and informative for those interested in being franchisees as well as for franchisors and would be franchisors.

I have no idea in the world whether it will fly or not. But if I don’t try it we will never know.

It will be at Muldoon’s Saloon in Houston, Texas. That’s right, at Muldoons, the famous Texas saloon of which I have so happily written on www.SeamusMuldoon.com, It is located near the Houston Galleria just off Westheimer Road at Augusta. There will be no charge for attendance, but you will be expected to pick up your own bar tab.

There will be no restrictions on subject matter discussed. Bring up any subject you like for discussion. I will try to answer all questions, but I promise not to hog the floor. The thoughts others may care to contribute will be more than welcome. Hopefully we can get a scintillating dialogue started and make it a very worth while occasion that will be worth repeating.

If you are interested, please send me emails telling me you would like to attend. The email address is [email protected]. If I don’t hear from anyone, it simply won’t happen. If it goes well, I will do it one afternoon a month for as long as there is interest and I can fit it into my schedule. I will post the dates to give interested parties ample notice so they can get cheap airfare to Houston if they are coming from out of town.

Of course your attendance will not make me your lawyer. Nothing said there will be privileged or confidential. It is a public venue. It won’t be the hell raising fun that my saloon happenings used to be when I was a lot younger, but I will try to keep it interesting. This is an open and standing invitation to everyone interested in franchising. RSVP

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Happy Franchising

I would encourage anyone interested in becoming a franchisee to attend Richard's seminar.

Perhaps we can get AAHOA to assist in setting up the necessary trade show amenities, BBM to help with sending out the invites, and the rest of us can make plans to visit Houston. 

Michael Webster, a franchisee attorney in Toronto, Ontario, publishes a website on business opportunities and franchises called "The BizOp News"

If you are there you should go

I would.  Wish I had wings to fly there.  Plus it would be a good time.

So Richard,

 How was it?  It wasn't really the $3633 that stopped me from going it was your notice that "It won’t be the hell raising fun that my saloon happenings used to be".  Seemed crazy to spend that sort of money and be in bed by 8.00.

Had I known you would show up, I would have stayed till

closing and turned you into a knee walking zombie.

This first event was sparsely attended. Per a suggestion, starting with the April 2nd meeting, we are going to 5 pm till as long as it keeps going.

I had forgotten how extremely enjoyable evenings at Muldoons can reqlly be.

Last fall I met in Detroit with Mike Webster and Paul Steinberg. That was the single most enjoyable evening of the entire year. I guess I have to await the ABA Franchise HOOLY in Toronto to have that much fun aqain.


Richard Solomon, FranchiseRemedies.com,  has over 45 years experience with franchise litigation and crisis management. He is a graduate of The Citadel and The University of Michigan Law School