1-800-RADIATOR Franchisee Association

The Radiator Franchisee Association, all franchisees of the 1-800-RADIATOR Radiator Express franchise system, announces the public establishment of its Association website:


Information regarding the franchise system and how it works in reality, as well as monthly and other special bulletins are to be found on the website.

Questions and comments may be directed to Richard A. Solomon, Managing Director and Legal Counsel of the Association, at [email protected]

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Contact update on Radiator Franchisee Association

The interim president of an independent association of franchisees in the Radiator Express chain has asked me to update their information with this:

Radiator Franchisee Association, Inc.

Kevin Tucker
Interim President
Radiator Franchisee Association, Inc.

Readers can also find this organization on Blue MauMau's ongoing list of independent franchisee associations here.