Here Come the New Hotel Brands

Here’s a recent listing of new hotel brand announcements:

  • Virgin Hotels
  • Planet Hollywood
  • B Hotels & Resorts
  • Edition by Marriott
  • Bulgari By Marriott
  • Mokara Hotel & Spa by Omni
  • Tryp by Wyndham
  • Etap by Accor
  • Ibis by Accor
  • Setai Fifth Avenue
  • Home 2 Suites by Hilton
  • Vivanta by Taj
  • Blu by Radisson 

Here's an impertinent question seeking a pertinent answer:  Since there are already more than 70 hotel brands in the marketplace, is the current spate of new hotels brand-sensible or brand proliferation?

Meanwhile, the Hotel Chatter website ranks the 12 best hotels in New York as follows:

  • The Surrey
  • The Crosby Street Hotel
  • The Trump SoHo
  • The James New York
  • Andaz Fifth Avenue
  • Gansevoort Park
  • The Chatwal
  • Ace Hotel
  • W Downtown
  • The Cassa Hotel
  • The Standard Hotel
  • Smyth Tribeca

Please take notice that only three of the twelve are branded:  Andaz, Trump and W.

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Since there are

Since there are already more than 70 hotel brands in the marketplace, is the current spate of new hotels brand-sensible or brand proliferation?</p>
Not a simple question to answer.</p>
If we&#39;re talking about (let&#39;s call it a) sub-brand of a major brand, the sub-branding helps the traveler understand what to expect. The main brand is important, and the sub-brand just sets expectations.</p>
But if we&#39;re talking about just another independent brand, what does it offer the consumer? How will the brand name drive business to the location, and (if it&#39;s a franchise) what will the franchisee need to sacrafice to align with the brand, and what will they get in return?</p>
Seems to me if there are so many brands that none get enough traction in enough markets, they might as well not be branded at all.</p>
I can hear someone say, &quot;I always stay at Accor hotels, and I like their Etap ones the best.&quot; I can&#39;t hear someone say, &quot;I always try to stay at a Virgin Hotel, but there are only 3 of them, so I have to be traveling to the right city to do it.&quot;</p>
And if I were a potential franchisee, I&#39;d be wondering what any of these brands could offer me beyond the name itself.</p>