AAHOA Chairman Hits a Home Run

At the recent AAHOA Convention in Las Vegas, Chairman C.K. Patel reported on the following five major initiatives which have been activated and will soon be implemented.

  • AAHOA and InnLink announced that they will launch a customized online travel company (mybesthotelrate.com) similar to Hotels.com, Expedia and Orbitz to facilitate online booking of rooms in almost 100,000 properties across the United States.  This new online reservation system will include both AAHOA member and non-member properties and will be available to anyone with internet access.
  • AAHOA and BirchStreet Systems will launch a cooperative purchasing program.  Members will be able to purchase furniture, fixtures, equipment, food, beverages and supplies more economically and efficiently through an innovative Internet- based purchasing cooperative.
  • AAHOA will create the Educational Experience on television and the AAHOA YouTube channel.
  • Franchise ROI Study: HVS will analyze the performance and return on investment for several key industry factors (e.g. brand, location, amenity, creep).  These studies will help owners decide which hotel capital expenditure will produce the greatest return.
  • Fair Franchising: AAHOA joined with the Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA) to create the Universal Franchisee Bill of Rights.
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Jimmy Patel quote from Dec 2010...

“Guests are typically looking for the best price,” stresses Jay “Jimmy” Patel, president of the Owners 8 Association, an independent association that represents most of the Super 8 hotel owners and a number of other Wyndham brand franchisees. Patel thinks that listing competing room prices of other Wyndham economy brands within a neighborhood will pull down the already hard hit room prices for Super 8 owners.  “There is little differentiating Day's Inn, Super 8, Travelodge and Knight's Inn, other than price,” he says, emphasizing that the economy sector is driven by price differentiation more than any other factor.

This was in an article on BMM where Super 8 franchisees were upset with Wyndham 'cross-selling' their hotel brands. 

So, now you have the AAOHA doing that and more by including 'non-member' hotels.  So, why such the outrage 6 months ago? 

Of course, as commentors pointed out, you can just go to an expedia type website and price shop. 

Re: Jimmy Patel quote from Dec 2010...

@JD I guess they are hypocrites.

It is not hypocritical.

It is not hypocritical. Hotel branded websites are proprietary websites where only that brand should be displayed. Expedia and AAHOA's new reservation portal are geared for all brands to be displayed. These are called third party sites and are VERY different than the proprietary branded websites. As a result, AAHOA's new reservation website and the comments made by Jimmy Patel are not critical at all.