Blue MauMau Is Not the Chaplain's Office

I write this to suggest that the usefulness of Blue MauMau to everyone in the franchising business is not well served by all the whining and accusations that seem lately to be plaguing this forum.

If franchisors are going to use this site, there has to be an intellectual and professional invitation extended to them.

The pervasive appearance of wall to wall whining and accusations about reasons other than franchisee stupidity why the indigenous population lost everything in this or that franchise investment is taking away the serious purpose of BlueMauMau as an Internet place useful to everyone in the business.

There is regulation wall to wall in franchising just as there is in securities markets. The presence of regulation does not prevent securities fraud, and franchise regulation will not prevent franchise fraud or relationship abuse. Phony legislative hearings and the pretentious adoption of this or that ridiculous “fairness” rule – always without a budget, totally unfunded mandates – ought to be recognized as nothing more than the political theater they are. The FTC does not enforce anything relating to franchises; the SEC did not enforce the securities laws, leading to the enormous fraud at the end of the Bush era; and these are facts as they really are. If you don’t recognize the risks you assume, betting everything you own on the outcome of some curb stone hustler’s “deal”, that’s just your tough luck. No one – repeat – NO ONE – is going to pick up the pieces and put your little Humpty Dumpty house back together again.

Lawyers don’t owe you any duty to work on your problems without compensation. If you choose not to hire a lawyer when you really need one – one that works specifically on the risks you face – that is your mistake, not a mistake of the legal profession or of the government. Your expectations from the government are ridiculously naïve. You have no Constitutional or statutory right that is self executing. You protect yourself through your own initiative or you get no protection. If you hire the wrong lawyer, that too is your problem and no one else’s.

There is a lot of email going around amongst people who frequent BlueMauMau about how absurd and whining the audience is getting to be.

Grow the hell up. Making BlueMauMau your private whining room is not going to enhance the usefulness of BlueMauMau. If you think your legislature can do something useful to help your sorry situation, go do your whining to your legislature. There at least you will learn how bloody little you get when you don’t show up well organized with a hefty envelope full of cash. Voting for legislators does not mean they owe you anything. They will perform for you when you pay them, just like everything else in life. You are not really a business person if you think you can show up without resources and get any help from anyone or from any institution.

Can we please cool it on all the whining and accusing? Your problem is your fault. You made the bad investment. 

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Why the Quiznos owners come here.....

I know many say that the Quiznos Franchisors are a "whiny" bunch and that seems understandable from a non franchisors point of view. I think the reason why the come here and tell their stories and mention their grief is because solely others do not fall into the same pitfall, or follow in their footsteps and help contribute to the problem. I see no difference in owning a Quiznos store or the Nigerian scam (Email that says you have inherited 10 Million dollars). Both are costly and both lead to no money in the end. Both play on human nature and feelings.
Feelings of become rich over night, who doesn't dream about that right? I believe their voice should be heard, and they too are afraid and embarrassed to speak up or fear of retaliation from the Quiznos Corporation or embarrassed because they were conned. Life in general sitting at the round table people talk about what they have gained, education, what deals they got, how much they made, but when does one ever hear about someone speak about they got conned or scammed? Its embarrassing, I know I wouldn't want other to know, I don't even let others know I play lottery tickets.
I'm very positive if they could afford a lawyer and make things right they would, but they were sold a dream, and they took a chance with not deep pockets, but with what they have. I believe they should be able to whine and continue their rant, as one day it will be publicly displayed and finally brought forward in a legal manner. For now they will hide and continue to post under odd names. So please let them continue to rant, and please let them leave anonymous posts, this is the only outlet they have. Just ignore the ones you don't want to read.

Mary Kaine

"I see no difference in

"I see no difference in owning a Quiznos store or the Nigerian scam (Email that says you have inherited 10 Million dollars). "

Mary, admitting this really dumbs down your point. Surely you cannot be this simple minded.

Quiznos buyers continue to buy...

And they did even after it was publicly apparent Quizno's was and is a poor investment. Do you mean to tell us that even a poor excuse for due diligence would not include a Google search?