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In every enterprise, regardless of its size and popularity, the presence and management of data is the major concerns among people who run it. There is no denying the fact that every business run on the basis of statistics and data present within an organization; however, considering the volume of data present, it becomes extremely difficult for an enterprise to manage all the data without complicating it or increasing the overall cost to the company. This is where an open source platform such as Hadoop MapReduce comes to the rescue. It is an open source software framework created by Google that is known to distribute various large data clusters within an organization into numerous small parts so that it can be managed easily and effectively.

Correct, well-managed and updated data can help an organization perform better and get cost-effective results. In addition, due to its open source nature, it does not increase the overall cost to the company. The distributed computing abilities of Hadoop are actually derived from two significant software frameworks namely the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and MapReduce. The Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) facilitates quick data transfer activities between computer nodes and also permits quick and continued operation even if the node fails.

On the other hand, the other software framework, MapReduce distributes all the data processing over these nodes, and thus, reduces the overall workload on every individual computer and also allows the systems for computations and analysis beyond the capabilities of a single computer or the network. A typical application of Hadoop MapReduce system requires the understanding that it is created to run on a large number of machines without any kind of shared hardware or memory.

Although, Hadoop is an open source platform, it is highly advisable that you search the web to find out MapReduce tutorial because considering the number of complications of this software system, it becomes important and necessary for every individual and enterprise to go through Hadoop training and make the most of this software framework. Correct knowledge can help you utilize your data in the best possible manner, which means that your organization can have the much desired and deserved revenues without increasing the overall cost to the company.

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