What Makes a City Great?

What makes a city great? I wrote back in August, "Among many qualities, one that is often overlooked is the quality and quantity of its water supply."

I continued:

New York City's Water Supply comes from Croton dam
Croton dam waters NYC. photo/bmm

New York City drinking water is world- renowned for its quality.... Now that system is to be enhanced by a remarkable $5 billion infrastructure project... It is the city's Water Tunnel No. 3 begun in 1969... and about to deliver its first 350 million-gallon daily supply of fresh water to an area stretching all the way from West 79th Street to lower Manhattan.

On September 28, 2013, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said that his administration's efforts at reducing air pollution had resulted in New York City having the best air quality in more than 50 years. (Watch the video)

What makes a city great? Fresh water and clean air!

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