Is the Outlook Bright for Marriott's Edition Brand?

<div class="photoright"><img alt="Marriott's London Edition hotel" src="…; style="width: 330px; height: 330px;" /><div class="caption">photo via Marriott Instagram</div></div><p>With the recent $815 million sale of three Edition hotels by Marriott to the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, hotel analysts were bulllish over the development prospects of the Edition brand.</p>
<p>However, I am more doubtful about the future success of this new brand for two major reasons:</p>

<p>The partnership of Marriott and Schrager is so outlandish that it has failure written all over it</p>
<p>With only two Edition-branded hotels in operation (London and Istanbul), guest reaction is unknown and unreliable.</p>

<p>Let&#39;s wait and see what the future holds for this new long-stalled brand which has had such a troubled birth.</p>

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