Briefly Hacked, Quickly Eradicated

At the start of this work week Blue MauMau was briefly hacked by a spambot lodged in third-party service software. It tried to use our server to inject spam out to the world. That sparked Google to mark our site for a few hours on Monday with the message, "The website ahead contains malware!"

The hack was not connected to the loss of any user data, nor did it have the ability to infect personal computers.

The point of the hack was to use Blue MauMau's Internet capacity to spam. Fortunately, our software blocked any attempt at sending spam emails from going out, but the interjection of the malicious code was detected by Google. It did its job well in automatically putting up a notice about the hack.

Blue MauMau's technicians removed the spam software within minutes of receiving notice. It then took Google a few hours to verify that there was no longer a malware problem and to remove the warning to readers navigating to the site. We think we are now in a better place after the attack. That's because we have completely replaced the aging third-party service software with an entirely different one that is more secure from hacks and spambots.

Please be assured that we are committed to protecting your privacy and to bringing you a safe environment where you can read reliable news that affects your business investment. Blue MauMau isn't just about our reporters investigating the news. Of course we work ceaselessly to provide that — in finding honest answers to tough questions. But this news site works best when you, dear business owner, participate. That's why we are so committed to providing you a safe place to post comments and candidly share with other owners the inside scoop of what is happening in your sector and in your franchise system. In an industry in which the news can sound more like a one-sided sales pitch and the really important news, like how much does a franchise make, goes missing, we take the responsibility very seriously of providing a frank and reliable place for business information. We want to know, and we want you to know, which investments are prospering and which are being run into the ground.

We hope you will support us in that effort by participating in discussions.