Lucius M. Boomer, George C. Boldt and Oscar of the Waldorf

Lucius Boomer, one of the most famous hoteliers of his time, was Chairman of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel Corporation. In a career of more than half a century, he owned and directed such celebrated hotels as the Bellevue-Stratford in Philadelphia, the Lenox in Boston and the McAlpin, Claridge, Sherry-Netherland and the original as well as the current Waldorf-Astoria in New York. With T. Coleman duPont, he built, owned and managed the current Waldorf-Astoria Hotel from 1929-1947.

George C. Boldt was the genius of the original Waldorf-Astoria Hotel (on the site of the Empire State Building). It was said of him that he made innkeeping a profession and, more than any man, was responsible for the modern American hotel.

Oscar of the Waldorf was described in 1898 by the New York Sun, "In only one New York hotel, however, is there a personage deserving to be called a ma"tre d' hotel. Anyone who studies him closely will soon arrive at a firm conviction that he might quite as appropriately have been called General or Admiral, if circumstances had not led him into the hotel business. Oscar knows everybody."

These are the individuals featured in my new book Hotel Mavens: Lucius M. Boomer, George C. Boldt and Oscar of the Waldorf

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