California Franchisees: Urge Governor Brown to Sign Pro-Franchisee Legislation into Law!

Last week, the California State Senate voted unanimously to pass CA AB525, a bill which amends the California Fair Franchise Act and grants franchisees across the state more freedom in running their business.  Several days later, the California State Assembly voted 79-0 in favor of the bill as well.  It is now on the desk of Governor Jerry Brown awaiting his signature. CFA urges California-based franchisees to ask for Governor Brown's support of the bill!

As you may recall, Governor Brown vetoed a similar bill last year. He instructed franchisees and franchisors to present him with an agreed-upon solution that would benefit the franchise industry as a whole; CA AB525 is that solution. CA AB525 lengthens the notice and cure period for violations of the franchise agreement, grants franchisees greater control over the sale and/or transfer of their business and requires the repurchase of inventory upon termination or nonrenewal, among other provisions. To read the text of the bill, click here

Following the California legislature's bi-partisan, unanimous support for the bill, it is crucial that the governor sign it into law.  CFA asks California-based franchisees to write to Governor Brown and urge him to sign AB525!



He just did!