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Your Franchisor Head Today, Your Competitor Tomorrow

Over 7 years have now passed since I was a franchisee of the largest oil change chain in the U.S., but I continue to marvel at the antics of those executives who manage, or used to manage the franchises folks that invest (and sometimes lose) their life savings in.

Due Diligence, Luck and Randomness

There are many fine posters on BMM on the subject of Due Diligence (DD). Some of these are legal experts, some are scholars, and some are, like I am, from the school of hard knocks.

Bernard Madoff and Franchising

Bernard Madoff has apparently pulled of the largest scam so far in the history of investing. A ponzi scam that spanned 30 years and has apparently cost many charitable organizations and so-called "sophisticated investors" 50 BILLION dollars.

Is the Quicklube Business Dead?

In the space of one year, two of the largest quicklube operations in the country have filed chapter 11. Heartland, Jiffy Lube's largest franchisee (400 stores) filed in January, and now, the 80 store EZ Lube Chain has sought bankruptcy protection.

How Many Oil Changes Will $16 Million (and Counting) Buy?

The largest Jiffy Lube franchisee in the country has apparently decided it is best to stick with the Jiffy Lube name, and not go independent.

Franchisor's Use of Power is Mostly Discretionary

Franchise agreements give franchisors incredible power.

"Undisclosed" Burdens of a Franchise Relationship

The more time that passes from my days of operating under a franchise, the more I understand the unbelievable amount of time, energy, and emotion that is expended on a franchise relationship.

Belgium Big Macs and Burger King

Well, just back from visiting Belgium, Luxembourg and Amsterdam.

I would become a franchisee again if........

I am often asked if I would ever be a franchisee again, given my experiences as a franchisee of 3 different concepts over many years.

My answer:  Yes, IF in the agreement:

Franchisee Defense Fund - just include it in your budget

It occurs to me that anyone purchasing a franchise these days should understand that a large percentage of their gross income could end up being spent on legal fees.

Maybe we should come up with a "contingency" item on every zee budget that includes a big chunk of cash set aside to fight the franchisor.

If, by some miracle, you don't have to use your defense fund, you can send the kids to college.