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From Flower Shop to Edible Arrangements

MSNBC creates legends with its Born in the USA series. Reporter Tamron Hall interviews Pakistani-born Tariq Farid, founder and CEO of franchising firm Edible Arrangements.

The Need for Franchisor Competency in the Law

This video looks at first glance like a legal Informercial, a soft-sell of an attorney's services. But this attorney's points are full of legal substance.

How High Is Too High for Taxes?

How much damage would raising taxes for the rich do? Or would it be better to give a tax break and provide credit to small businesses in order to best stimulate the economy?

When Are Class Action Disputes Properly Submitted to Arbitration?

Michael Lockerby, a leading franchise law expert, expands on the Supreme Court’s April 27 decision, where Stolt-Nielsen v. AnimalFeeds represents the latest word, but Congress may have the final say.