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Five Opportunities for 2010

SPOOFVILLE - There are sectors in franchising that just continue to gather steam despite a weak economy. That steam makes it easier to lift a franchised business to better success.

Who Is the Largest and Oldest Franchise Trade Association and Lobbyist?

An emailed newsletter for the International Franchise Association today claims that the IFA is the oldest and largest association representing franchising. That is a puzzling statement.

Should The Government Stop Dumping Money Into The Giant Money Hole?

SATIRE -A panel of experts debate whether the government should stop dumping money into a giant money hole or whether the free market should decide.

Wall Street Bargains with Main Street


Here's a cartoon I comp

If Employees Could Make Up Rules for Customers

Some two years ago, a 26-year old McDonald's employee, Lilac_Elf, posted 43 customer annoyances. Ken Kuhl of the

Dunkin Launches Poker-Face Training Program

CANTON, Mass. (Satire) - In order to help franchise owners, Dunkin Brands brand advisory council, a group of franchisor appointed owners elected for their agreeable abilities, announced on Friday the launching of a new poker-face training program.

Taco Town, the Future of Tacos

SATIRE - Taco Town advertises what could be one of the best tacos ever. Could Taco Town be showing us the future of the taco?

Chains Roll Out Energy Efficient Grills

IRVINE, Calif.- Taco Bell and Burger King are rolling out new energy efficient grills.

Wendy's Approves Deal With Peltz

Wendy's International will announce in a few hours that its board has approved a deal with Nelson Peltz, who began pressuring the No. 3 hamburger chain for change last April.

Robbed Driver Fired for Carrying Firearm

A Pizza Hut franchise owner has dismissed a delivery driver, James Spiers, for carrying and using a firearm.