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Commercial Lease Negotiating '101' for Franchisee Tenants

Commercial leasing and commercial lease negotiating for franchisee tenants can be both complicated and complex matters. By including a number of points in the process, you are far more likely to achieve success with your chosen commercial site.

Differentiating Between Good and Bad Leases

A bad lease agreement may hold you back from making a good profit or even result in the closure of your business. Great franchisees in poor or mediocre locations will never reach the full potential that a better location may offer. On the other hand, perhaps you’ve picked a great location, but leased too many (or too few) square feet; this can prove to be a problem as well. 

Debunking Lease Renewal Myths, for Franchise Tenants

As a prospective or new franchise tenant, you need to pay close attention to your initial commercial lease, but don’t just stop there! You should also think ahead to your commercial lease renewal!

Figuring Out Where Your Business Will Thrive, Not Just Survive

The location a franchisee leases is like the foundation upon every other brick that is laid for the business.

Franchise Tenants - Beware of Landlords with 13-Inch Rulers

Measure twice so you only pay once.


Negotiating the Business Terms of the Commercial Lease

Although it would be nice, it’s highly unlikely that a commercial landlord will hand you a proposed lease with correctly worded and perfect terms and conditions.

Commercial Leasing 101 for Franchise Tenants

Joining a well-recognized franchise system can help an entrepreneur find business success; however, starting the commercial leasing process in the right direction is critical for achieving the best results. If you take the wrong path, you may not achieve your goals or even your business's full potential.

Lease Termination Tips for Franchise Tenants

As a franchise tenant, you may have found it quite easy to secure a lease with a commercial landlord; however, you may face many roadblocks if, or when, you need to terminate your lease.

Utilizing and Presenting an Offer to Lease for Franchise Tenants

As we explain in our new book, Negotiating Commercial Leases & Renewals FOR DUMMIES, an offer to lease is generally the best way to proceed when you’re ready to enter into a formal agreement with the landlord.

Can You Negotiate Free Rent? It is Possible for Franchise Tenants

Free rent is just one negotiable factor in a commercial lease. Even if you did not receive a rent-free period when you signed your first lease, you may be eligible for one when you renew, although you may have to work harder to get free rent on a renewal.