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Accuracy, the Twin Brother of Honesty

When it comes to barbecue chain Famous Dave's of America Inc. (NASDAQ:DAVE), there is at least one area of confusion within the company: How many franchises does the franchising firm actually have? Update Aug 14: Blue MauMau has just received a response from chief financial officer Richard Pawlowski about how many franchise units Famous Dave's actually has.

The Road to Carvel Is Paved with Franchise Failure

The Carvel chain has melted over the years from its high of 850 franchises to a puddle of 367 franchises. The Street reports that only 275 are full-service shops. Carvel, bought by private equity firm Roark Capital Group in 2001, wants change. The 80-year-old brand has a plan to put lipstick on this franchise pig.

If You Do This...Then You Might be a Franchisor

I had a little fun this morning on Twitter with a variation of "If you do this... then you might be a redneck" theme of comedienne Jeff Foxworthy fame.

Subway’s President Fred DeLuca Diagnosed with Leukemia

It is being heard this morning from within the Subway sandwich chain that founder Fred DeLuca fell ill in Toronto. He was diagnosed in Canada with pneumonia and leukemia. He was air lifted to Yale Medical Center in Connecticut, close to company headquarters. Most likely a company statement will be issued soon.

Six Books Every Franchise Regulator and Lawmaker Should Read

Bait, bankruptcy, balance, plunder, partiality and power are six words that describe half a dozen must-read books for franchise regulators and lawmakers. Every regulator, lawmaker and even owner-operator who wants to understand the franchise legal environment that they work in should read these.

Franchise Buying Advice that Sellers Won't Say

I was emailed by FranchiseGator, an online directory of franchises to buy,  who asked what the best quick advice I would give to someone who was considering a franchise.

Lessons for Kumon: Building Consensus the Japanese Way

Akio Tsunoda, president of the Japanese holding company, Kumon Institute of Education Co., told a global management forum back in 2010 about its franchise services to its learning center owners. "I think our overseas operations are supported by our know-how, which is easily adopted in any country."

Blue MauMau News Site Attacked, Crashes

The Blue MauMau site, a news service for franchise and small business owners, was maliciously attacked by a disruption in service (DoS) software program.

A 'Socially Responsible' Moment from Ice Cream History

I want to share a tale about a glut of ice cream shops, a surplus of frozen yogurt stores and what one franchisor did about it. Ice cream retailers, the franchise industry and franchise owners everywhere need to know.

Top Tips to Manage Your Small Business While Vacationing

Taking a vacation can be a daunting task for a small business owner. But thanks to technology, it is possible to keep an eye on the business in the few weeks that remain this summer while soaking up the sun on a beach with a mobile data signal.