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How Psychology and Sociology Both Affect Success or Failure of a Franchise System

My belief system, developed after over 35 years in franchising and being a franchisor 5 times and a consultant to hundreds of companies, is there are fundamental issues to franchising that drive

Undercover Boss: There is a theme occurring! Is everyone noticing?

If you have been watching the great show Undercover Boss you can see for yourself there are two patterns and themes occurring and repeating themselves.

Franchising Performer Misconceptions

If you ask many franchisors they will tell you that a third of their franchisees are high performers; a third are mid and the another third are poor performers.

Franchise Sales and Training: Now A Predictive Science

If you ask 10 sales people from the same franchise what defines a high-quality franchisee candidate, you’ll get 10 different answers!

Self-Made Management Titan Teams With Franchise Development Leader

Chicago, IL (October 15, 2009) — Craig Slavin, a well-known
innovator, entrepreneur and 35-year veteran in the field of business franchise
development and deployment, is pleased to announce that

Franchise Match or Mismatch?

Until recently, there was no way for a franchisor to understand what a good fit between franchisee and franchisor meant and how to determine if someone is a good fit until after the fact, when prob

Franchising: One Size Does NOT Fit All

I have been alerted to new postings that appear on this site, ever since I registered a few months ago.  I have read most of the new postings with an open mind and an open heart to learn about the trials and tribulations of many of you.  Some of you have had pleasurable experiences as a franchise owner, and some of you have not.

When I went through a divorce a few years ago, I learned it wasn't the principles of marriage that did not work for me - it was my poor selection process that failed me.  I chose a relationship for many of the wrong reasons, much like some people have chosen a franchise for, perhaps, the wrong reasons as well.