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High Expectations for Dunkin' Donuts in 2016

This is a great time of year because franchisors publish their Franchise Disclosure Documents as required by the FTC. I enjoy looking at the documents because they are free from spin and show actual numbers. Item 20, in particular, provides the real numbers in regards to unit development, transfers, closures, 2016 projections, and company-owned units.

The NLRB Decision Will Not Destroy Franchising As We Know It!

I was never a believer that a National Labor Relations Board ruling on McDonald’s being a “joint-employer" would end franchising as Steve Caldeira, CEO and president of the International Franchise Association, has maintained. It would simply be a wake-up call for franchisors to review for over controlling policies and procedures when it comes to instructing franchisees and their employees.

Is Tom Brady and NE Patriots vs. the NFL a Typical Franchisor Power Play?

The battle between New England Patriots QB Tom Brady and the NFL is reminiscence to me of a struggle that is played out everyday in Franchising. The management team of the NFL (franchisor) is flexing their muscles to prove that they are more powerful than any one player/team (franchisee).

Planet Fitness Files for an IPO

Planet Fitness, the budget gym franchise, filed an S-1 for an initial public offering on June 22, 2015. While the company did not specify number of shares and price, the Planet Fitness' prospectus detailed an approximate offering size of $100 million. The company applied to list on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker "PLNT." The IPO could value Planet Fitness at more than $2 billion, including debt.

NLRB Decision Good for Franchising; Change Creates Opportunity to Collaborate

The International Franchise Association and large franchise systems are claiming that the National Labor Relations Board decision will change the franchise model. That could be very true.

The IFA Delivers the Wrong Message In Seattle

No matter how the IFA chooses to represent themselves with the public face of franchisees, 99% of the revenue the IFA generates is from franchisors and suppliers that provide products and services to franchisors. These are the wrong constituency to be making the case on behalf of franchisees in Seattle.

States Offer Equity Protection, Regardless of “No-Equity Contracts” that Bryant Uses

At the last the New England Franchise Association meeting, Tim Bryant of Preti Flaherty stated that franchisee equity was not part of the franchise deal.

Tim Bryant Says Franchisees Have No Equity

At the New England Franchise Association event last week Tim Bryant a panelist from Preti Flaherty in Maine, stated the true reason what legislation is popping up across the country.

Why are Franchise Relationship Bills Showing Up in So Many States?

On Wednesday evening, at a meeting of the New England Franchise Association, I served on a panel of four that discussed “Why is Franchise Relationship legislation popping up across the country?"

Franchisee Independent Trade Associations

Franchisees invest in franchise systems for many different reasons. One reason franchisees universally share is that they are joining something so they will not be alone to solve the myriad of business challenges they will face.