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C-Store Franchise Prospers Amid Corruption

The most corrupt town in America has been a boon to a BP franchise next to the village hall, but the party may be coming to an end.

Denny's Placemat, or US Constitution?

Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) owes Denny's franchisees an apology when he said the President is treating the value of the Constitution worse than a Denny's placemat. There is no comparison: the placemat beats the US Constitution, and here are 5 reasons why.

Man Unable to Work After MCD Only Gives 1 Napkin

Like an over-ripe avoacdo, Californians are easily bruised.

Barbers & Subway Sandwiches: Tradition Continues

In 1976, Subway was a small chain of sandwich shops clustered in New England.

Aussies Find Wisdom In Unusual Places

Australians have solicited comments from a broad range of stakeholders in considering franchise legislation. Now we know the reason. Opposition leader and Rhodes scholar Tony Abbott gave a speech on Monday in which he stated:

What Chardonnay Pairs With KFC?

Depends on whether it is Original Recipe or Extra Crispy.

Eggstra! Subway Breaks Into Bkfast

QSR behemoth Subway Sandwiches, owned by privately held Doctor's Associates Inc, will begin national advertising of the new breakfast program next week.

The Wreck of Subsidizing Car Purchases Through Cash for Clunkers

General Motors US market share down 32 percent in North America. Today 72 percent of GM sales are outside of North America. To the extent that the US taxpayer is subsidizing General Motors, are we subsidizing those overseas consumers?

FranData Says Listing on SBA Registry Means It's A Less Risky Investment, Not!

The “SBA Registry” is a list of franchise systems that meet SBA criteria for expedited loan review. The stated purpose of the review is to ensure that the franchisee retains a sufficient degree of control such that the franchised business may be deemed an independent “small business” rather than a division of a larger entity not eligible for Small Business Administration loans.

Class Action and Choice-of-Law

It is expensive for a franchisee to bring suit against their franchisor, particularly where they must litigate in a distant state.