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How to Avoid Hiring the Toxic Employee

In light of the damage a toxic employee can inflict on a company, it makes sense that the best option is to avoid hiring toxic employees in the first place.  While this is more difficult than it sounds, there are some proactive measures that employers can take in the hiring process.

Fix the Toxic Staff or Fire the Employee?

To loosely paraphrase the great 18th century parliamentarian Edmund Burke, "[t]he only thing necessary for the triumph of toxic employees is for good employers to do nothing."

A Rogue's Gallery of Toxic Employees

Just because an employee is not always cheerful does not mean they are a toxic employee. There is a big  difference between occasionally being disagreeable and always being negative.

The Cost of Toxic Employees

What is the cost of hiring a toxic employee?  A recent study by the Harvard Business School looked at the cost to companies of hiring otherwise skilled employees who engaged in toxic behavior.

The Toxic Employee, Lost Cause or Fixable Problem?

Very few people would gamble their health and safety by exposing themselves every day to a toxic waste dump full of poisonous and corrosive chemicals. However, on a daily basis, many employees and managers face the workplace equivalent in dealing with toxic employees.

EEOC Issues Standards for Employer Position Statements

Employers can expect some new challenges in responding to EEOC charges. With six months to go before a new administration, the White House has announced it is targeting the use of non-compete agreements, commonly used by many American employers to safeguard business interests and protect trade secrets and confidential information. 

Fifth Circuit Slams the Door on Criminal Record Discrimination Lawsuit

The United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit has rejected an unsuccessful job applicant’s claim that he was denied employment because of his criminal record. The Plaintiff in Noris Rogers v. Pearland School District unsuccessfully argued that his history of felony convictions for drug offenses, including the sale of heroin, amounted to race discrimination under a disparate impact theory of liability.

“♫ Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign ♪”

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Department of Labor are singing a new tune when it comes to required postings.

DOL Final Rule for FLSA White Collar Exemption

After significant delay, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL”) announced its final rule updating the regulations applicable to white collar exemptions, which will go into effect December 1, 2016. The DOL estimates that, absent employer action, the change will entitle more than 4 million white collar workers currently classified as exempt to overtime eligibility.

White House Targets Non-Compete Agreements

Earlier this month, the White House released a report highly critical of the use of non-compete agreements by American employers, and listed what it considered the seven (7) problem areas of non-compete agreements: