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Rebuttal: Franchisor Blunders? Not in This Case

After posting the OpEd yesterday, Franchisor Blunders, No Wonder Buyers Don't Read FDDs, PR consultant Lorne Fisher, representing law firm Cheng Cohen and franchisor Smashburger, contacted Blue MauMau reporter Janet Sparks to say the column was factually incorrect.

Briefly Hacked, Quickly Eradicated

At the start of this work week Blue MauMau was briefly hacked by a spambot lodged in third-party service software. It tried to use our server to inject spam out to the world. That sparked Google to mark our site for a few hours on Monday with the message, "The website ahead contains malware!"

Buyer Beware

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What Do You Want to Know about 2011?

What information can a trade journal like Blue MauMau provide you so that you can be informed in planning for 2011?

Article Comments Given Own Page

Blue MauMau has just finished a minor adjustment of article comments. Where once comments were posted under an article, they are now posted on their own page that is associated with the article.

Alas I knew him well

The fishy one is sad today. For this was my brother Yorick, hatched of a thousand siblings.