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Which Brands are Most Patriotic?

With July 4th soon upon us, many marketers are readying to wrap their brands in the American flag and cue the marching bands.

What Came First, the Consumer or the Brand?

It was David Ogilvy who said, "Consumers don't say what they think and they don't do what they say." And he was right about that. At least most of the time.

Odds for Academy Award and Ad Winners

The 86th Academy Awards being broadcast this Sunday, March 2nd often ranks as the second-most viewed TV event of the year. Last year viewership was up about 3 percent year-over-year.

Want to Make More Dough? Engage Like Domino's Pizza

How can I ignore this USA Today article, Eat McDonald’s for Three Months and Lose 37 Pounds?  It contains a few of the threads that tie together all the stuff that people are saying about diet and fast food.

Here are the bits that appealed to me:

Loyal Fans of Sports Leagues and Sports Retailers

The dictionary defines ‘loyalty’ as “the quality or state of being loyal.“ More to the point it describes it as “a feeling of strong support for someone or something,” which is a good enough definition as an exact meaning of the word, but from a brand perspective we think it needs to be beefed up.

2014's Top 10 Brands at Better Meeting Customer Expectations

In this century it’s a sure thing that what delights consumers today will be expected tomorrow. And if not tomorrow, very shortly after tomorrow.

Super Bowl Ad Engagement Playbook: Who Will Win, Lose or Draw?

It turns out not all TV programs are right for all brands – no matter how super they are in attracting an audience. Not even if it turns out to be the Super Bowl itself. Findings from the Brand Keys 12th annual Super Bowl Engagement Survey shows that when it comes to winning, only half of this year's Super Bowl XLVIII's advertisers will score big based on their big investments.

A Love Song To Mr. Sears & Mr. Roebuck, They Could Use One About Now

For nearly 100 years Sears & Roebuck, the dynamic duo of marketing, was America’s greatest retailer and consumers loved them. Even sang love songs about them. Hard to believe today?

Top 10 Most Engaging Brands of 2013 and How They Did It

“Brand engagement” is how well a brand meets expectations that consumers hold for what drives their behavior in the category where the brand competes.

Brand and Marketing Trends for 2014

It was management consultant, Peter Drucker, who advised the best way to predict the future was to create it. Creating new things being difficult, the next best way is to have access to validated and predictive loyalty and emotional engagement metrics to help point the way. Happily, we do.