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Franchise Sales: A Tale of Two Theories

Johnson, COO at Rocksolid Granit USA asks, “Who is using outside
franchise sales groups [brokers]?”

Franchise Candidates: A Changing Mindset

A look at today’s franchise candidates will reveal they are more sophisticated, better educated, and more technologically advanced than ever before. In addition, and even more so because of the economic downturn, they are extremely cautious.

Franchisors, Act Now, and Pay What You Can!

During this economic downturn that continues to surround us, there have been several reports of restaurants and other small businesses offering their services for whatever the customer wants to pay.

Only the Focused Will Survive 2009!

What do Richard Wagoner and Robert Nardelli have in common?

Franchisees, Do You Need a Mentor?

It is my understanding, last year the International Franchise Association (IFA) implemented a program whereby volunteer Certified Franchise Executives would mentor franchisors.

Are Startups Necessary?

I recently responded to a group discussion on LinkedIn where an MBA student asked the question, "Do we need startups?" This student went on to add, " I just read Digital Darwinism by Evan Schwartz and

Franchise Opportunity Q & A

Using the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) as my guide, I would ask very specific questions. I would follow the FDD item by item and ask questions pertaining to each section.

Would the World be a Better Place Without Franchising?

It is unfortunate the franchise industry continues to be (and always will be) subjected to bad press because of franchisee failures resulting in lost family savings including the children's college fu

A Couple of Reasons Why Franchisors Fail

Assuming proper capitalization and diligence in establishing the original business concept as a franchise sytstem, in my opinion, there are two simple reasons for franchisor failure.

International Franchise Exhibition Schedule

1st Quarter 2009

13 Mar - 16 Mar Franchise Expo Paris Paris France
20 Mar - 21 Mar British & International Franchise Exhibition London United Kingdom