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Bakers Delight Misappropriation and Hacking Allegations

Bakers Delight Australia franchisees are more than a little disgruntled following the release of an internally leaked Australian marketing fund statement.

Australian Franchising Code Review Recommendations

Alan Wein’s review of the Australian Franchising Code of Conduct has presented 18 recommendations. Here they are but first;

A Decade of Corruption

The recent review of the performance of 2010 changes to the Franchising Code of Conduct in Australia is proving to be simply another embarrassing episode in what has been an eventful decade of ignorant and corrupt government.

Australian Regulator Calls For Financial Penalties

With a review of 2010 changes to Australia’s Franchising Code of Conduct seemingly forgotten, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is calling for the introduction of financial penalties for rogue franchisors.

NSW Small Business Commissioner; Consultation Paper

The New South Wales government has released a Consultation Paper requesting small business community input to best determine the legal framework required to assist the Small Business Commissioner to function effectively.

Small Business Commissioner and Small Business Protection Bill 2012

The Shadow Minister for Small Business in New South Wales, the Honourable Adam Searle MLC, has this week highlighted the flaw when installing Small Business Commissioners but then giving them no real power to act.

Untouchable Australian Bank Masters

I suspect that even the most business savvy readers will find the story of Paul Buckman’s bankruptcy at the hands of the National Australia Bank [NAB] to be both a scandalous and engrossing story of outrageous fraud and regulator indifference. It is all on record and it isn't ficton.

The Australian Federal Budget 2012

After four days every Australian should have a reasonable idea of what to expect from the latest federal budget. After spruiking that the Labor government understood the needs of small business and families doing it tough, there will be minimal short-term benefit from Treasurer Swan's masterpiece.

Australian Consumer Protection To Be Extended To B2B Contracts

The Federal Shadow Minister for Small Business has committed the Liberal National Party to introduce consumer protection to B2B contractual relationships following the 2013 election. Given that Australians are generally looking to throw out the current government, there is an air of optimism in franchisee ranks.

Australia Post, Australia's Shame

It has been an institution across Australia since long before the First World War.  Now it is the largest franchise in Australia with more than 3,000 franchisees and licensed post offices regulated under a deficient federal Franchising Code of Conduct.