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The Great Conflict of Protecting Markets or Franchisees

We are recovering from a crisis of market collapse caused in major part by abuse on the part of banks and investment houses. From mortgage backed securities where the mortgage portfolio was of extremely low quality to derivatives called credit default swaps, the Federal Reserve and the SEC enforcement division were asleep at the switch – called deregulation – and everything hit the fan.

Production Agreements of a Supply Chain; The Other End of the Rainbow

Many years ago I was pulled away from my usual assignments to do a major product production tolling agreement between two of America’s larger food companies.

Representing the Bold, The Multi-unit Franchise Investor

Representing franchise investors who are capable of developing entire territories or states is a very different ballgame from representing single unit investors. The reason is simple.

Crisis Avoidance: The Real Way to Manage Disagreement

Lawsuits and arbitrations often sort out disputes in their legal sense. They rarely sort out disputes in a satisfactory personal or financial sense. Anyone familiar with the litigation and arbitration process can tell you about how unsatisfactory the result was in most instances. They cost a fortune.

21st Century Franchising, Watershed Changes

Within the next 15 years we will see dramatic changes in the franchising business. Today the business is saturated with “me too” so-called concepts that lack adequate business model legs to survive even at marginal profitability through the life span of their franchise agreements. Their FDDs are fiction and fantasy, and those who buy them lack relevant sophistication for small business investment (to put it mildly).

Blue MauMau Is Not the Chaplain's Office

I write this to suggest that the usefulness of Blue MauMau to everyone in the franchising business is not well served by all the whining and accusations that seem lately to be plaguing this foru

Resisting the Formation of an Independent Franchisee Association

Independent franchisee associations vary in quality from system to system. Where they are successful and their establishment does not result in all out warfare that tends to make reconciliation unlikely, the system usually performs better for the franchisees.

Abusive Franchises, Freedom Is Not Free

There is a mistaken belief that what franchisees really need in order to facilitate rationalizing franchise relationships into harmonious mutual peace and profit making is a collective voice competently expressing franchisee needs to a “reasonable” franchisor.

Thinking of Becoming a Franchisor?

If you are now thinking of franchising your business, or of taking a hard look at what you might wish to do with this business that you franchised some years ago that could now use a bit of freshening up, this article might tweak some ideas for you. 

1-800-RADIATOR Franchisee Association

The Radiator Franchisee Association, all franchisees of the 1-800-RADIATOR Radiator Express franchise system, announces the public establishment of its Association website: