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Franchise Review Report Released: Good Faith and Penalties Recommended

The Report by Mr Alan Wein (from his Review of the Australian Franchising Code of Conduct conducted earlier this year) has been released today and makes 18 recommendations for improving the franchi

Australia Inquires into Regulating Franchising

This article provides some preliminary assessment of the submissions to the 2013 review of the regulation of the franchising sector in Australia. This review was scheduled after the last series of amendments were made to the Franchising Code of Conduct in 2010.

Submissions to Latest Australian Inquiry Now Available

73 submissions that have been made to the Wein inquiry from a wide range of the franchise spectrum, including individuals, corporations, lawyers and academics, are now available on-line through the followng link: 

Western Australia Franchising Bill Defeated

The Western Australian Parliament yesterday voted down the Private Members Bill introduced by Peter Abetz MP to regulate franchise operations in that State.

Committee Recommends Western Australia Franchising Bill be Opposed

The Western Australian Economics and Industry Standing Committee released their much anticipated report into the proposed WA Franchising Bill this afternoon and recommended that the Bill not be

Why the Push for State Franchise Relationship Laws?

At a time where the State Attorneys General are working hard to unify State laws nationally, South Australia and most recently Western Australia, have announced that they will be taking their own path with respect to franchising regulation.

Importance of the Franchisor's Financial Position

A case currently before the New Zealand courts highlights the importance of franchisee’s understanding the franchisor’s business model and financial position. Nathans Finance collapsed on 20 August 2007 owing some $174 million.

Franchise Expert Blasts Australian Reforms

Franchising Solicitor Simon Young has responded to the Federal Government’s recent announcement of changes to be made to the Franchising Code of Conduct as “a patchwork of bandaid solutions that do not address the real problems in Australian franchising”.

Franchise Code: Good Faith and Dispute Resolution, Pt 4

This is a look into the issues of the franchise code. The Australian government has a Senate inquiry into a franchise code. In the end of this four part series, the options paper that divides the Senate recommendations into four parts lists the issues of good faith and dispute resolution.

Franchise Code: End of Term Arrangements, Pt 3

The Australian government has a Senate inquiry into a franchise code. An options paper divides the Senate franchise recommendations into four parts.