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Is the Outlook Bright for Marriott's Edition Brand?

Marriott's London Edition hotel
photo via Marriott Instagram

With the recent $815 million sale of three Edition hotels by Marriott to the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, hotel analysts were bulllish over the development prospects of the Edition brand.

Chelsea Hotel (1884)

The Chelsea Hotel is world-renowned as a residence for artists, writers, actors, and other characters who live on the cutting edge of society.

Hotel History: InterContinental Hotels Company

A recent story on the Hotels website stated "IHG's history in Latin America dates back to 1946, when the first InterContinental Hotel opened in Brazil. Today, the Company has more than 200 hotels in 22 countries, not to mention a pipeline of more than 50 properties."

Hotel History: Lucerne Hotel

One of the most beautiful hotels on New York's upper west side is the Lucerne Hotel which opened in 1904 on the corner of 79th Street and Amsterdam Avenue.

Hotel History: The Harvard Club of New York

The Harvard Club of New York* at 27 West 44th Street was originally built in 1894 (with major additions in 1905 and 1915, 1947 and 2003) and designed by McKim, Mead & White.

The Ansonia Hotel

The Ansonia Hotel was built as a luxury apartment hotel on the upper west side of New York in 1904. Its resplendent apartments contained multiple bedrooms, parlors, libraries and formal dining rooms with high ceilings, elegant moldings and bay windows.

History: New York’s St. Regis Hotel

 In 1904, Colonel John Jacob Astor broke ground for the building of the St. Regis Hotel at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 55th Street, in the most exclusive residential section of New York at the time.

Marriott CEO Tells Congress Get Back to Work; Shutdown a Failure of Political Leadership

On October 4, 2013, Arne Sorenson, President and CEO of Marriott International spoke out with high intelligence and political candor about the federal government shut down.

What Makes a City Great?

What makes a city great? I wrote back in August, "Among many qualities, one that is often overlooked is the quality and quantity of its water supply."

Hotel Guestrooms, Still Undistinguishable and Undistinguished

For many years, I have been a critic of hotel guestroom design because most chain hotel rooms are undistinguishable from the competition.