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Domino's Site Crashes During Pizza Giveaway, Chain Blames "Bad Apple" Customers

When it comes to short-term E-Commerce promotions, be careful what you wish for or you will surely crash. learned that lesson and then it was Domino's turn. But Domino's Pizza explained away its crash with a twist: It blamed "bad apple" customers.

When Does IT Become Obsolete?

It just got a lot tougher for franchise chains to crack the whip when it comes to IT mandates. A Florida judge has said Burger King can't immediately shut down several franchisee stores for missing a deadline to purchase new POS systems.

The CIO Dilemma: When The Franchisee Wants Cousin Gino For Local Tech Support

“I understand that your cousin Gino might be one of the best technology service providers in central New Jersey, but I’m just not sure if we can use him as part of this program.” One of the classic battles between franchisees and their chain’s CIO is the use of local support resources.

Are Franchisor CIOs Out of Touch With Reality?

All retail franchisee owners have, at one point, been dying to have this conversation with their chain’s CIO: “Just stop talking: you’re an idiot. How can you even keep a straight face when trying to justify a $25,000+ POS system when I know I could put in a system that does everything I would need for less than $5,000?”