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Blue MauMau Begins BusinessWeek Blog


Some weeks ago, BusinessWeek asked Don Sniegowski, the founder of Blue MauMau, to report on news and issues concerning franchise owner-operators via a blog. He said yes to their grand experiment of opening up blogging to non-staff. So beginning today, Sniegowski will regularly blog there about current franchise news and issues that are covered in Blue MauMau.

In regard to the new blog, Sniegowski said, "I will be poring through postings on the Blue MauMau site to see what is timely and appropriate for the BusinessWeek blog.” He added, “I encourage franchise owners, franchisor employees and thought leaders to participate in Blue MauMau’s online franchise community. Let’s write about issues that shop owners on Main Street are truly concerned about. Readers can do that by registering on Blue MauMau. It’s free. And once they are logged in, they should click on the Share Info link at the top of the page to contribute an article or even a web link to an interesting franchise site. If that is too daunting of a task, they can write a comment about an article without logging in, or give an article a one- to five-star ranking of what they think of it. That helps me know what news is resonating.”

Published Friday evening, his first article is on The Problems Franchisees Face with Conglomerate Franchisors.

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