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Blue MauMau Launches Better Search Function

To Celebrate Its Second Birthday, Blue MauMau Launches an Improved Search Engine

Salt Lake City, Utah (Blue MauMau) - Blue MauMau, a site of news and tools for franchisee investors, announced the launching of an upgraded search function

The site officially launched two years ago on November 4, 2005. Its grand experiment was to open up a new model of "participatory journalism" in which industry insiders could share news stories, tools, content, insights and learn from one another. 

Says Don Sniegowski, the founder of the site, "the concept seems to have caught on because Blue MauMau to date has accumulated some 11,679 comments and some 4,246 articles from members about franchising. Our second birthday seemed like a good day to launch a search engine that better helps readers find information on franchise investments."

The new search engine can be found on the top right-hand corner of the site. Its pull down menu starts with "general", searching for any article, forum, Podcasts, weblinks and the like. One catch. The reader has to use the "comments" search to search individual comments to an article.  The "Directory" search looks through our directory of some 2,400 franchisors.

Click on "advanced search" to look at the other options to search the archives.


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