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Franchise India launches report on SMB

Mumbai, August 26, 2010: Ernst & Young and Franchise India, India’s largest integrated franchise retail and licensing solution company today released a report on small and medium businesses titled -“Top 100 Cities for Small Business in India”.

India’s rapid economic expansion has raised entrepreneurial interest across the society. The report identifies 100 Indians cities which due to their unique positioning can potentially galvanize the growth of small business and hence ideal location for starting one. The report observes that certain states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh have been relatively more proactive towards providing the fitting stratosphere for the prolific growth of small business. The report aims to discover new avenues for small business catchment to etch their triumph.

The ranking draws its data from two sources; Government hard data and Opinion survey. Opinion survey is a unique tool for timely and vital information regarding perception about various cities over varied important indicators regarding starting a small business venture. Thus imparting a unique source of insight about their entrepreneurial incubation capacity.

On the occasion, Franchise India announced its association with process advisors E & Y for the Small Business Awards, the country's most prestigious awards in the micro, small and medium businesses on August 28, 2010 at Hotel Novotel, Juhu Beach Mumbai. The awards aim to recognize and felicitate Achievers, Innovators and Suppliers who have contributed significantly towards the development of Small and Medium Enterprises in India.

Gaurav Marya, President, Franchise Indiasaid on the occasion “Small and medium enterprises are the backbone of the developing nation's economy and contribute about 8%-9% of India’s GDP by providing employment to more than 40 million people in course of producing about 8,000 products. The SME’s comprise 45% of the industrial output in the country and contribute to about 40% of India’s exports.” “Through this report we are highlighting the  essential pre-requisites to start a new business which includes demographic Infrastructure, retail activity, regulatory, entrepreneurial ability, ease of doing business, starting a business, dealing with construction permits, employing workers, registering property, getting credit, paying taxes”, he added.

Bharat Kapoor, Sr. Manager, Ernst & Young-Risk Advisory Servicessaid, “Ernst & Young has assisted Franchise India in institutionalizing the process for Small Business Awards 2010. Our role included reviewing the Award concept, assisting Franchise India in validating the nominations and winner determination process, facilitating Jury proceedings and acting as Official Tabulator for the Small Business Awards 2010."

Franchise India Research, an initiative by Franchise India, conducted an annual Survey. The Survey captured new data points essential to lead to an overall ranking of the cities which reflect ease in starting a business. The survey has expanded in its scope of completion, achieving a record sample of over 1000 surveys from 150 cities between January and May 2010. The ranking parameters are divided into 14 sections relating to 45 sub indicators the data gathered thus provide a unique source of insight and a qualitative portrait of each city’s economic and business environment.

China Trademark Law Amendment

Now the government has amended the trademark registration in China laws. It is very helpful for oversea company to start business in China market. It will largely help you save time and money to protect your intellectual property in China. For more information you can visit this site.

How to register trademark in China?

First you need have a nice trademark or name. You can choose words, words and drawing, or only drawings for your trademark. How to make your local trademark connected with Chinese trademark when people remind it in mind? Actually it is very important for business developing, especially at the beginning.

Second,do the China trademark search. You can go to CNIPA’s (Trademark Office of National Intellectual Property Administration) official website. If you are not familiar with it, we can help you do trademark search in Chinese.

Third, submit trademark application. After we have studied with your case, we will prepare documents and submit for application. You need give detailed information about your company or your personal information. In China, CNIPA is responsible to handle the applications of trademarks.

Wie wählt man die richtige Video Converter Software?

Bist du ein Filmenthusiast? Hast du eine Digitalkamera? Möchten Sie Videos auf verschiedenen Plattformen ansehen? Wenn die Antwort "Ja" lautet, benötigen Sie eine sehr gute und schnelle Videokonverter-Software, die Ihnen hilft, eine Videodatei von einem bestimmten Format in andere abspielbare Formate zu konvertieren, ohne die Qualität und Klarheit des Videos zu verlieren. Video-Konverter sind Software, die es einem ermöglicht, ein bestimmtes Video in ein anderes Format zu konvertieren, das auf einem bestimmten Gerät wiedergegeben werden kann.

Es gibt viele schnelle Video-Konverter-Software auf dem Markt verfügbar, mit denen Sie jedes Video in ein anderes Format konvertieren können. Wenn Sie beispielsweise ein Video im AVI-Format haben, können Sie das Video mithilfe der Software für schnelle Videokonvertierung in verschiedene Formate konvertieren, z. B. MPEG, DIVX, XVID, DVD, MP4 und 3GP, die abgespielt werden können auf verschiedenen Videogeräten und Mobiltelefonen. Die beste Sache in solchen Software ist, dass Sie direkt das Gerät wählen können, für das Sie das Format benötigen, und einfach dasselbe konvertieren. Mit vielen Optionen, die in der von ihnen erstellten Oberfläche verfügbar sind, können Sie die Ausgabedatei für das Gerät auswählen, mit dem Sie Ihr Video konvertieren möchten, und mit der Konvertierung beginnen. Die vollständige Konvertierung des Videos dauert in der Regel etwa eine halbe Stunde. Der genaue Zeitraum für die Konvertierung hängt vom ausgewählten Ausgabeprofil ab.

Mit der neuen HD-Technologie, die die normalen Videoformate übernimmt, möchte nun jeder seine Lieblingsvideos in High Definition ansehen, um die Filme genießen und erleben zu können. In diesem Fall können Sie die HD-Video-Konverter-Software wählen, mit der Sie die Konvertierung des Videos in HD durchführen können. Die üblichen Videos mit niedriger und normaler Klarheit werden in HD-Videos umgewandelt, die die Klarheit und Qualität des Videos verbessern. Zusammen mit dem Video wird auch die Audio-Klarheit verbessert. Mit der benutzerdefinierten Option in der Benutzeroberfläche dieser Software können Sie die Audio-Ausgangsdatei für mich WAV, MP3, AAC und FLAC wählen, die Ihnen das beste Sounderlebnis beim Betrachten eines Films oder eines Videos bietet. bluemaumau.orgMPEG zu TS Video Konverter Software

Da es viele schnelle Video-Konverter-Software auf dem Markt gibt, kann die Auswahl der richtigen eine große Aufgabe sein, da verschiedene Software ihre eigene Fähigkeit hat, die Videos zu konvertieren. Um den besten unter allen zu wählen, müssen Sie eine kleine Recherche durchführen, bevor Sie tatsächlich einen kaufen. Sie können nach Bewertungen und Feedback von Kunden und aktuellen Benutzern über verschiedene Software suchen. Sie haben auch die Möglichkeit, einen Trail-Lauf der Software durchzuführen, bevor Sie die Vollversion erwerben können. Dies ermöglicht es Ihnen, die Qualität des Konvertierungsprozesses und die Zeit zu überprüfen, die die Software benötigt, um ein einzelnes Video zu konvertieren. Abhängig von den Ergebnissen können Sie jetzt die besten unter allen auswählen und die Software kaufen, die Ihren Anforderungen entspricht.

Where To Buy Hardware For Building Your Drone Frames

Since you are here, we are going to go ahead and assume that you are interested in some DIY drone work. Now, drones, in particular, are an area of interest for many individuals out there, including teens as well as grownups.

Some of you may have been done a science project or two on the same. Naturally, a drone is not the easiest thing to build, and you need quite a few things to complete your starter kit, such as screws, nuts, standoffs and other parts. Therefore, if you are looking to gather a personalized drone hardware kit, then settle in as we guide you to the best places to buy these pieces of equipment. 

1. Amazon 

Needless to say, Amazon is the Holy Grail for shopper from all walks of life. Regardless of what you intend to buy; Amazon is more than likely to have what you are looking for. The same goes for drone hardware. The catch with Amazon is that you have to be really specific about the things you are looking for.

For instance, screws and smaller pieces of equipment may be harder to locate. In addition, depending on where you are ordering from, some shipping costs may also apply. However, it is a great place to start and get the majority of the required materials if you are getting into these types of projects.  

2. JinJiuyi

JinJiuyi is another store committed to supplying the latest cutting edge drone kits that can be used for drone frames building and so much more. Depending on the materials you are looking for, they have a wide array of sub-categories that cater to every kind of drone kit and frame.

You also have the liberty of choosing from loads of different materials to find the tools that will be the most compatible with your drone frame. It has an extremely friendly user interface so you should have no trouble getting what you are looking for. 

In addition, We are based in China, we can find all hardware for building your frames with cheap price.

3. GetFPV

GetFPV is a great choice for beginners or people who are looking for some very specific tools and products. In terms of drone frame building alone, you have the luxury of sorting your search results on this website by categories. For instances, you can filter the results given to you by materials, cost, and type.

They also indicate right away whether the item is in-store or not. There are countless knick-knacks and other interesting items as well that you can use to enhance your drone frame above all others further. 


This little project is bound to be time taking to say the least as there is a lot of hard work and dedication that goes into making a workable drone frame. Therefore, you definitely do not want to skimp on the quality of the materials that you are using.

This is simply to ensure that you end with a durable and sturdy frame that will last through the metaphorical ‘thick and thin,’ instead of breaking apart at the first little nudge! 

Choose Jinjiuyi, they will save you time and money.

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Here’s how credit score repair agencies work?

Credit repair companies, such as we at Rectify CIBIL which in help in cibil rectification processes, work with the credit bureaus and your creditors to challenge the negative report items that affect your credit score. We ensure your credit history is up-to-date, accurate and reflects your finances with utmost honesty. 


Credit works in quite an interesting way. The algorithms that the bureaus use are not public information and no one knows how much impact can it have on one’s credit score.  However, credit repair works when you or your company work on your behalf and would send you disputes to the credit bureaus challenging the accuracy of the fake reports that have been issued to you.


Respectable companies will not send disputes to the bureaus with fake reports like false credit chargebacks. Good companies will send over customized disputes that seem fake in nature. Instead, they would first verify then focus on improving your credit score.


Working with a reputable Cibil Score improvement agency is much more important than spending thousands of dollars on a fake credit firm. Hence we suggest you choose a proper credit repair agency. 


About Rectify CIBIL: 


Being headquartered in Mumbai, Rectify CIBIL, is a CIBIL score improvement agency that will help you improve your score no matter how low it is. They have tied up with all the banks across India who have decided to help us as well and thus, it makes them the numero uno choice when it comes to CIBIL score improvements.