SBA Loan Failure Rates for Franchisees by Brand

WASHINGTON D.C. - Blue MauMau keeps track of franchisees' ability to pay back the loans that they take out and that are backed by the SBA.

Blue MauMau also tracks failure rate for small businesses by industry. This is a good metric for knowing where small businesses are in the best financial position to pay back their loans and where they have difficulty. For example, physician offices do well in paying back their loans. Video stores, terrible.


small business owner with patent and trademake property

In my opinion, small business owner, if they have patent and brand reputation in market. It is easy for them to pay back their loans. IP protection should be considered as the first day of business starting, we have met many many small business owner. 

They stand up in market with their IP, the most powerful assets. For them, belwo are some ideas to help them in success.

trademark a name as brand

trademark a phrase as slogan

trademark a design as brand

apply patent, utility, design or invention