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Brand Marketing Trends for 2013

The New Year, 2013, approaches, and as everyone knows, the number “13” has lots of symbolism.

For the religious among us there were the 13 guests at the Last Supper and the 13 tribes of Israel. Scientists know the Universe is governed by 13 fundamental constants of physics. For shoppers there’s added value of 13 items that make up a “baker’s dozen.” Anthropologists study the 13 skies of the Aztecs.

But for those marketers and brand managers who want to look beyond the horizon, we invite you to read the Wise Marketer report (pdf) of our 13 critical trends for next year, identified via our validated predictive loyalty and engagement metrics.

By the way, the number 13 is also thought by some to be unlucky. And we agree, but only for brands that ignore these trends that will have direct consequences to the success or failure of next year’s branding, engagement, and marketing efforts.

We wish you much luck in the coming year.

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Robert Passikoff, founder and president of Brand Keys, is a sought-after speaker and global thought leader on engagement and loyalty. He has pioneered work in these areas, creating the Customer Loyalty Engagement Index and the Sports Fan Loyalty Index. In 2008, New York University’s communication school declared Dr. Passikoff “the most-quoted brand consultant in the United States.”

Amy Shea, EVP Global Director of Brand Keys’ Brand Development, has worked with brands for over 20 years, translating research-based insights into strategically effective marketing and communications. Her contribution was recognized with the David Ogilvy Excellence Award, with both the Grand Ogilvy and 1st in Category awarded for the research behind IBM’s ground-breaking integration campaign.Passikoff and Shea's marketing column Peeking at 21st Century Brands is syndicated to Blue MauMau by permission of Brand Keys.

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