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Business Process Improvement

In the 20th Century the majority of business process improvement were developed in the manufacturing area but the central techniques and principles remain translatable across most industries today. Business process improvement centres ensure that functions are done correctly, by reducing waste for example.

We begin by defining the strategic goals of an organisation, citing the customers of that body and making the business fucntions in line with those objectives. BPI tends to focus on a substantial change in the business performance rather than a slow change approach. Change is not meant to be trivial but rather a revolution. Re-engineering is a term often associated with these changes.

Businesses process improvement explores at the primary roles in a business, the management techniques , the business owner , the process owner, the operation manager and the process operator . Each has a bespoke set of responsibilities but all have to work together as a collective .

The business leader writes the business plan which was devised through the strategic planning method . They relay the business plan through the business , they build communication bridges and remove barriers . They analyse the performance of the business and use management information to guide the business toward its objectives .

Meanwhile the principal of the business process is the person who designs the processes needed to achieve the goals set out in the business plan that was created by the business leaders. They create and approve the paperwork that supports the process. They are often underpinned in this work by the process improvement unit.

The beginning point is to understand the customer requirements which transfer into a set of metrics overseen by the operational managers and are often known as KPIs or key performance indicators. These are what assesses that the customer requirements and ambitions are being met.

The process operators looks at the performance data to review the capability of the process. They create performance improvement reports based on that performance information and this may include Lean practices to reduce waste such as Six Sigma.

Improvement reports include risk analysis to cite problems within the process and avoid their consequences . Meanwhile the operational manager introduces resources and process together to make the targets set out in the business plan. This follows a time served way of plan, do, check and act cycle.

Finally the process operator performs the work needed to achieve the targets of the business plan again using the do, check and act cycle . Processes need to be in line with business ambitions .

The customer needs to be at the apex of business process improvement and outcomes need to be regularly benchmarked to be able to measure improvement and progress.

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