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Butterfly Life Women's Health & Fitness

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Mark Golob

That's funny since Mark is the sales manager !!

Doctor and dentist award scams. The Golob cash cow.

Beau Golob is president of Doctors Improving Healthcare out of San Francisco. After signing up doctors in a one year marketing agreement, the company gives no customer service and holds the member to the monthly payments, threatening a lawsuit if they don't get the money. After a year most all members cancel. They then target a new market and milk unsuspecting Doctors under a new business name. Top Doc Los Angeles, Top Doc San Diego, Top Doc New York, Top Doc Chicago, Top Doc Boston... all new companies set up every few months and run by the Golobs. Each company gets a bad reputation for, in most member's opinions, a crappy service. So they start over with a new name in a new market. The latest is Top Doc America and Book Healthcare. To cover their tracks they make an employee the president so there isn't a paper trail. They never intended to provide a good service. The plan has always been to hook a pigeon and get the money. They lie to members, sales reps, and employees. Don't stand close to a Golob because if anyone ever deserved to be struck down by lightning it would be this family. From what I've read here it's all very similar to the Butterfly Life game. Its so sad to read about the lives that were ruined and even lost. Looking forward to the day Mark Golob makes the show American Greed.

Mark Golob and Taylor (Beau) Golob

This entire family is corrupt. Mark Golob was very much involved in every aspect of the "Top Doc" Franchise. Mark headed up monthly meetings and training with the outside sales staff and he had an office in San Francisco at "corporate headquarters" in which every decision was put through him and his son "Beau". Nothing was done without Mark's input. The company's sales recruiter Susan Zagner (who turned out to be the Mark's wife) was named in lawsuits along with Mark Golob, Taylor (Beau) Golob for fraudulant activities relating to their other business endeavors.

Same Attorney

Scott Hammel is also the attorney for Butterfly Life and for Mark Golob. Clearly a connection there.

nothing new...

He's is currently making the same threats to a group of franchisees of Butterfly life that are currently going through arbitration/depositions. All he does is threaten and use scare tactics... he must have been picked on as a kid....

Mark - Beau Connection

are father and son

Beau Golob

Beau Golob is actually Taylor Golob! "Beau" is his middle name.

Mr. Blue MauMau's picture

Blue MauMau Email Reply to Scott Hammel, Esq

Mr. Scott Hammel:

I write in response to an email sent by you with respect to postings in a Blue MauMau public discussion forum around the topic of Mark Golob. I note as a preliminary matter that the postings in question were not made by Blue MauMau but by third-party commenters on the Blue MauMau website. It is well established law in the U.S. that such postings do not give rise to liability on the part of a blog, website owner or online social network hosting provider (like Blue MauMau) under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

As a legal matter, mentions of “beware”, “do not give this man your money”, “Mark Golob is at it again”, and other such amorphous sentiments reflecting opinion, hyperbole, sarcasm and the like by a poster, cannot be defamation. It should be noted that in your state, California, there are anti-SLAPP laws that give attorney and legal costs for such lawsuits to a publisher. This provides additional protection to commenters and hosting providers from lawsuits that chill Internet speech. Of course, in States that have insufficient anti-SLAPP laws, Blue MauMau, Inc. would countersue to include not only the Plaintiffs but also their attorneys.

In regard to your concern that Mr. Golob’s name might bring down the reputation of Top Doc America, I will go ahead and publish your email in our public forum with your assertion that Mr. Golob has no link or relationship with Top Doc America or its officers, directors, employees or agents. I can see why the poster may have been in error, since a Google search finds that Top Doc America has a founder who has the name of Beau Golob.

I would invite you or your clients that if they feel that the postings of others are incorrect, please feel free to post a correction. In my experience, the credibility of having you or your clients post under your actual name has considerably more weight than someone posting anonymously. We have CEOs and attorneys posting corrections and taking advantage of our public forums all the time. This give and take of postings is the nature of our public discussion area.

Mr. Blue MauMau's picture

Cease and desist letter regarding Top Doc America and Mark Golob

On February 10, 2011, Blue MauMau received this email from Mr. Scott Hammel, who declares that he represents Top Doc America, regarding posts on this public discussion forum.

This law firm represents Top Doc America Inc. We are hereby notifying you of potential legal action against you and all persons, companies and others affiliated with the website (the “Website”) involved in publishing defamatory statements on the Website regarding our client.

Certain “blog postings” and articles published on the Website regarding Mark Golob and his affiliation with Top Doc America are false and defamatory. Mark Golob is not an officer, director, employee, agent or representative of Top Doc America and the statements on the Blue MauMau Website linking him to Top Doc America are patently false. Other statements suggesting “bait and switch” tactics and that “Mark Golob is at it again - see - BEWARE - Beware, Mark Golob is at it again, will this man ever stop? see for the latest way to lose money if you are a dentist or a doctor. BEWARE, DO NOT GIVE THIS MAN YOUR MONEY,” and allegedly fraudulent conduct involving Top Doc America are also patently false. (e.g. see

You are hereby notified that if all references to Top Doc America and its association with Mark Golob, as well as all references to Mark Golob, are not permanently removed from the Website and unpublished from your computer servers within 48 hours, we intend to pursue legal action against Blue MauMau, Inc. and you, personally, for all damages resulting from your publication of these false and defamatory statements on the Website, including punitive damages and attorneys’ fees.

Very truly yours,
Scott Hammel



Mark Golob is at it again - see - BEWARE

Beware, Mark Golob is at it again, will this man ever stop? see for the latest way to lose money if you are a dentist or doctor. BEWARE, DO NOT GIVE THIS MAN YOUR MONEY.

Mark Golob is at it again - see





What happens to the Gyms that are still in business if
corporate is bankrupt...shut down...etc?

Another question is where are these people

I just looked at the corporate website and it is gone. I contacted corprate headquarters and there is no one there. I tried to email them and it bounces back. This is a company run by idiots!!!

To the Guest who think this is an excellent franchise.

You're an idiot! We are not trying to raise money for ourselves. You think we get paid for saying bad things about BFL. I wished it where that easy.....we would all be rich by now. We are trying to stop Mark and Tom from destroying more families with their lies and broken promises. I should of just handed over the keys to my house to the SOB'S, I think it might have been a little less painful.

Tom Gergley and Mark Golob

In response to the blog dated 12/7/07.  The AAFD tried to mediate the issues before taking legal action.  Unfortunately, Tom and Mark refused to acknowledge the Butterfly Life Chapter of the AAFD, thinking they would go away.  Therefore, "action" has now been taken with the American Arbitration Board.  After BFL choose to come after a franchisee who decided it was important to put food on her families table by going outside the box, the BFL Chapter has taken up her cause and filed a counterclaim and a class action counterclaim against BFL and Mark and Tom personally.  The failure rate has been consistent over the years, and now the public needs to be protected from vultures who prey on innocent victims and take advantage of their gullibility. We don't need to say "bad things"...just the truth.  Mark and Tom have already done a good job of ruining the BFL name, and unfortunately, hurting the franchisees and area reps.  If you believe you've been taken advantage of, contact the AAFD before it's too late!!!!! If you can still sleep at night, then we wish you luck.

Tom Gergley and Mark Golob

What makes it an "excellent" franchise?  Yours must be that one successful club located in Shangri-La beyond the Yellow Brick Road, right?  Have you seen the corporate web site lately?  The gyms are dropping like dead flies. 

What are the "same old lines" the AAFD keeps saying? 

I agree with your understanding that those who are trying to raise money for themselves (in the form of repayment of the money stolen from them by the Butterfly Life Corporation) are saying bad things about Butterfly Life; those "bad things" have another name: THE TRUTH.

Can you give an example of one of your "bad things" and dispute it?  The proof of this rotten company's fraudulent behavior is being documented.  Action is alive!!!

If anyone out there is considering this franchise, DON'T.  If you are really looking for an investment, just go get a fist full of hundred dollar bills and light a couple cheap cigars with 'em ... it's a better use of your money than giving Gergley & Golob a dime ... and it's better for your health.  Smoke in peace and stay very far away from the G-guys.  


Thanks for posting, Tom!

Tom Gergley and Mark Golob

I have found it to be an excellent franchise. AAFD just keeps saying the same old lines without taking any actions. I understand those who are trying to raise money for themselves are saying bad things about Butterfly Life.

Tom Gergley and Mark Golob

Who are these guys, really? Is everything said about them on true? Also, why hasn't anyone named a successful Butterfly Life franchise? That seems to be what everyone is waiting for.

Buttterfly Life Fitness

I could repeat what I have said in but for any current or prospective BFL franchisees.Talk to your fellow franchisees and the AAFD. They know the truth. Call or e-mail the AAFD. for the truth. The best question to ask of your fellow franchisees out there is “Does the model "sold" actually “work"?
Find me a franchisee that is breakeven let alone profitable per the model. It is sad that after one, one and a half ,two years or more for those of us who are out there, we are celebrating breakeven. Why are we celebrating just breakeven? Breakeven does not pay a mortgage 1st or 2nd a salary or feed your family. Are the expenses you were “sold” with this model reqalistic? I venture that those you find breakeven and remotely above, if their are any, have done it by operating outside the box(model). Ask why the corporate office is begging franchisees to put forth testiomonials (now!), ask why the corporate staff had a major reduction recently? Ask how many have closed this year and how long they were open, ask why a franchisee would “leave the system for other reasons” after 4-6 months . I guarantee it was not because they made their fortunes per the “model” timeline and are now on a yacht in the Caymans. Run away from this venture unless you have a tone of money, lots of time and no other obligations! Seek the truth. It will keep you debt free!

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