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China Launches Nationwide Probe into 'Rotten Meat' Supplier to McD's, Yum

China, with what appears to be much publicity within the country, has launched a nationwide probe into OSI Group outlets. OSI is the parent company of Husi Shanghai, which has been caught supplying rotten meat to McDonald's, Yum Brands, Starbucks and other fast food chains in China and Japan. American fast food restaurants have been popular in China in part because of their image of cleanliness and wholesome food —at least in comparison to what is commonly on offer at other China food outlets. The Chinese themselves know that food from Chinese locations can be, and all too often is, handled with a much heavier emphasis on profit than customers' health and wellbeing.

OSI Group's world headquarters is in Illinois. The chairman, CEO and owner is Sheldon Lavin, who has issued a public apology over the scandal.

The South China Morning Post, an English-language newspaper widely read by English speakers in Hong Kong, covers the bad meat scandal. The paper is widely read by Hong Kong-based American and British nationals. Because Hong Kong was a British colony until it was handed over to China in 1997, the well-off ethnic Chinese in Hong Kong generally speak fluent English as well as the local Cantonese dialect, making SCMP a more inside source of what's happening with the scandal, yet thankfully one that we can read without a hard-to-understand Google translation.

In addition to Husi’s facility in Shanghai, inspectors will look at processing sites and meat sources in five other provinces in central, eastern and southern China, the China Food and Drug Administration announced. Violations will be “severely punished,” the agency said on its website. — South China Morning Post

The comments at the end of this SCMP article make interesting reading, such as, "Really surprised the Chinese propaganda machine let this one out...," "you aren't suppose to tell the truth here," "McDonalds HK [Hong Kong] uses the meat products from Husi, and they haven't stop using them as reported. Don't be fooled by what they say." (Disclaimer: I don't necessarily believe these comments.)

Read the full South China Morning Post article (includes short videos).

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