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Coffee News

Hello All,

Just wanted to ask if anyone had any experience with the Coffee News franchise. Seems like a pretty solid set-up and the start-up costs are low. I don't want to jump into that segment on my own and Coffee News seems like a good choice.

There are currently no Coffee News franchises in my area but there is a Tidbits newspaper franchise active in the area. Do you think two products that are similar would work in a metro area of about 300,000 people? Thanks


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Update regarding printing costs

Just a quick update... Over the past 20+ years we have consistently found that the biggest hurdle faced by startup free community papers is the high cost of printing.  We now offer low cost printing to our subscribers.  Even after shipping costs our price is the lowest we have found anywhere.  If we can help you get started, contact us anytime to get up and running in your area.

Look up "The Local Door

Look up "The Local Door Coupons" , its a similar concept without having to do come up with all the content for a newspaper. impressive profit margins.

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Im not interested in arguing

Im not interested in arguing with anonymous posts on here  (or anywhere) about our services or how we can help people.  

I (as FactsWeekly) provide a legitimate service to our subscribers and we are certainly not a copycat of some other business.  We have no interest in copying CN or any other business model for that matter. I am aware some have done great by owning a CN franchise, thats great and I have no problem with their success. It sounds like they found a business that works for them.  But I also believe the franchise model in this business serves (profits) mainly the franchise and that is why we operate so differently from CN and others.  

As far as branding, that is honestly not an issue. Each paper creates its own image (brand).  Ive never been impressed with CN content, and that was one of a dozen reasons I never pursued CN and wouldnt see the benefit of working under that brand name.  There are more benefits to being autonomous  and developing your own brand, rather than succeeding or failing because of people's preconceived ideas about a franchise brand.

And no, Im rarely on Facebook or Twitter but not really sure how that's actually an issue either.  Im not really a fan of FB, its just one of several of the latest fads but I do see the importance of having a presence there to increase our exposure.  No, our service isnt for everyone but we do all we can to help anyone that wants to succeed in this business.  But maybe the best evidence I can provide of our professional service is that this post (like all our personal and public interactions) is completely expletive-free...because thats how professionals conduct business. 

Coffee News is KING

Wow, I cannot believe some of the comments on here. Knowledge is king, so I'm here to put things straight.

I have been publishing Coffee News for over 20 years.

Here are the facts.

- I've had over ten copy cats try to publish. All gone, every time, waste of money and time.
- I print more now in 2015 than i have ever printed (People love getting away from 'screens') Plus Coffee News is addictive. The tan paper is soothing and professional... among 16 other reasons.
- Finding content to fill your own publication is HELL. Trust me. Selling, delivery, designing ads is enough work as it is.
- The weekly fees are NOTHING compared to what you can make. Mark up can be as high as 800 percent. Own at least 2 areas for an okay living.
- Always ask to place a rack. That is just human intelligence. I see many copycats that do not ask. Weird. Racks still go missing. Restaurant owners are poor busy souls. Slaves like you cannot imagine. I've been there. It's hell. Buy a Coffee News and free yourself from set hours. longs hours
- The power of 1000 franchisees worldwide is another key. A copycat NEVER works. Never. Unless you truly are a magical bull***ing salesperson that people love. (another key).
- I had one competitor start soon after I started 20 years ago. His was printed 2 colour, ooo fancy. Some people asked me 'ohhh no, are you worried? 2 colour?" nope. The guy that owned the competitor told me (after he quit) That he sat there for a short time and watched people take 10 Coffee News to 1 copy of his. His heart sank. His paper was also a franchise.
- Believe me the franchise fees you pay for Coffee News pay off fast if you are good at what you do.
- Here is an example: I started a juice bar and sold smoothies. They were pure fruit and very full of the best ingredients.. and tasted GREAT. The best smoothies ever. People loved them. We were lucky to sell 100 a day. More like 45 ? We personally know the local Mcdonalds franchisee. When they started selling smoothies, he said they were selling 2000 a day. That's over $8000 a day just on smoothies. It's the power of the franchise. By the way they just spent a million dollars on upgrades to their building. Volume is good. Let me say this... If you started a hamburger joint across the street with the best burgers EVER in the world, you would never ever compete. ever. That said there are still McDonalds owners that fail. Why do you think they want something like $400,000 cash sitting around incase you start blowing it?
- Coffee News is done right. It's big, it's famous, it's powerful. If you ever think a copycat can ever compete it can't. You'll lose more time and money trying. I see it all the time. Over and over again. Coffee News works. It's still here, I'm still here.. printing more than ever because it is still read by nearly everyone. I'm still getting just as many inquiries for ads as ever. Is it easy? BUT, only if you're a natural and not many are. Just like a McDonalds franchise.
Example: One fellow tried Coffee News in Edmonton Alberta. He failed. Another guy comes along and now he is the largest franchisee in the world. As with anything it takes work and you have to be good.

Hope this helps.

Coffee News is too out-of-date

I'm sorry. I truly want to buy a Coffee News franchise...but feel kind of cheated. I was under the impression that you could at least modify content to the extent that some of the things not suited to your area would be replaced. Like CN had a database you could pick and choose from for trivia. Like no Santa Claus trivia in March maybe. Some of the content is so out of touch with certain demographics, to the point of being insulting.

After spending all this time on paperwork and speaking with sales guys...turns out CN online resource is just blurbs on how to sell ads. No database. No customizing for your territory. Unless you live in a mostly senior, Christian, Caucasian demographic, it'll be difficult to make CN work. Maybe retirement homes in Florida, a bunch of Prairie Home Companion areas? When I asked questions or suggested more relevant content, I was treated rather rudely.

Like I said, I'd love a CN franchise. What you wind up doing though is marketing, selling, paying for printing, and distributing someone else's idea of a "happy" paper and pay for the privilege of doing so.

Old posting

I do realize this is a very old posting from 2008 to 2012. I just noted that Facts Weakly''' last post on their Facebook was 2012. They only sold content.. no brand. How does that ever compete? Don't bother. Printing is EXPENSIVE. I am not saying this just because I don't want competition. (I have enough with papers and radio and now Facebook billionaire). I'm saying it more because I am helping you to save time and money. Like I said I've seen 10 copycats come and go. There is now an 11th running currently. A monthly. It even looks like Coffee News a bit. Copied our racks. Some people are pretty disgusting and have a lot of nerve. Bad Karma I say. Just save your time and money. They usually suffer it out for 6 months. Number 10 did. Honestly my readership has risen (again) since they started. It's the way it goes. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. God damn that's all I need is to print MORE again!!

I also want to ad that in 20 years I've had clients blown away by results. TOO BUSY and quit. One client guessed he had 1000 calls in 10 days. He was on the phone 9 hours a day. True, it's my best story, but it was only a training class. ? go figure. He got one call from a VERY expensive radio ad, back before iPods and iTunes. About 8 calls from the local newspaper. 1000 calls from Coffee News. The very first week I printed Coffee News I went around selling more ads. In 5 days I spoke with several people. 70 percent of them said they saw it already. This was 1994. Now more people eat out than ever before.

So if you're thinking of buying a Coffee News. Know that you have to love people and love pounding the pavement for the first while. Many Coffee News have failed, because they are the wrong type of person.
If you decide to do a copycat - besides bad karma - you will FAIL.

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Content IS King

The success (or failure) of this type of business is largely determined by the quality of the content in your publication. If the content is engaging to the majority of readers, they will seek it out and pick it up weekly. This is vital for the success of the paper. If the content is boring and outdated, readers will never be "hooked" and your paper will be looked at as a joke by the community and your potential customers. This is THE primary problem with most papers like this today...the content stinks. If people only pick up your paper when they are extremely bored, the business will never last.

For advertisers to truly see results from their ads, their ads need to be seen consistently by the same readers and NEW readers every week. When your advertisers see results, they renew their ads. When they renew their ads, other businesses in the area see that they are continuing to advertise...indicating to them that businesses are seeing results when they advertise in your paper. This causes your phone to ring.

I know all this because years ago I owned a franchise in this industry. It was a broken business model but it was fixable. The way you fix it is by skipping the franchise and doing a paper on your own. No royalties. No oversight. No hidden fees. No penalties if you quit. I know it works because we now publish 3 papers of our own. We also sell our content to others and teach them to do the same. We sell our content for as little $20+ week. One ad sale more than covers that cost.

This business works if you do.

Technology killed the golden goose.

Sure anyone can do this on their own. The problem is technology has replaced the need for something to read when you are eating alone. Even place mats are almost gone.

Go to a Starbucks and count how many people are reading a printed publication or are they looking at their pads or smart phones. That is where all the content is.

The only reason reason Coffee news exist is because as Barnum says their is a sucker born every second all you need is someone with no conscience or empathy to sell the deal to them.

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24/7 screen time

Actually people enjoy the break from a screen. 8-10 hours in front of a computer, 2-3 hours of TV or Netflix and countless hours staring at a smart phone or tablet. A good publication can successfully fill a void today by providing a break from all that screen time.

Do you have an app?

Reading habits are changing. How are you getting into the smart phones that restaurant guests are accessing in such numbers? Do you have an app? What about a loyalty program?

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no app

An app would be a huge mistake.

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Coffee News' Free Fall, Bad Investment

An app would be a huge mistake. - Facts Weekly

I see you and Coffee News are trying to reach out with paper and ink to the over 80 crowd.

How's that working for you?

Coffee News Free Fall of U.S. FranchisesLet me help answer that by giving you a fact. Coffee News franchise count has been plummeting for years, according to its own Franchise Disclosure Document, which it fills out. See the adjacent chart by Blue MauMau?

In fairness to Coffee News, here is its president Bill Buckley trying to explain away questions about the implosion of his franchise system.

There are much better investments than a Coffee News franchise, which looks to be in its sunset years. That comes as no surprise, considering that community ink and paper newspapers are also struggling with online and mobile competition.

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You are mistaken Darnelle

"I see you and Coffee News are trying to reach out with paper and ink to the over 80 crowd."

You are incorrect Darnelle. We have very little in common with CN and we are not "trying to reach the over 80 crowd". I don't know what your agenda is or where you found your information about Facts Weekly, but it is inaccurate.

Franchising Allows Coffee News to Stay in Business

The probable reason franchisees walk away is because of the $80 bucks a week flat rate royalty. I wonder if Coffee News sues for that $80 per week as an outstanding obligation.

If Coffee News were a sales force the sales people may make enough money to stay on. But because its a franchise with a weekly $80 obligation,they don't have many options but to close.

Does anyone know if Coffee News chases the franchisees for the back Royalties? Or do they just terminate them and try to sell it again to one of Barnum Bailey's sucker that's born every minute.

With smartphones what need does Coffee News fill?

I'd rather look at my smart phone than read coffee news.

The days pf reading coffee news are over.

Coffee News is a loser.

Very few franchisee make more than minimum wage.

The only ones that make money are Bill Buckley and his clueless Son John Buckley.

Everybody else is lucky to make minimum wage.

Loser for me, then a loser for all

"Very few franchisee make more than minimum wage." - visitor

How do you know this? Are Coffee News franchisees sharing with you their personal and business tax filings? If you have their incomes compiled, then let's see it.

It depends if they have a buyer

They let me out of contract because they had a cash buyer. I stopped paying the $80.00 a week and they terminated me and sold it to someone else.

You have to sell 15 ads an issue just to break even

That sounds crazy. no wonder they terminate so many franchisees, they stop paying the $80 bucks a week. Then they get terminated and Coffee News sells it to another sucker. Isn't that referred to as "churning"?

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Coffee News Can be Fixxed

The model needs some adjustments to make it work better for the franchisees.I just read the FDD and these are my suggestions to fix the model for franchisees in the US. If the Franchisor is unwilling to do that becuase termination machine makes him more money.

Then frachisees left in the system should organize and form an independent franchisees association.

  • Change the royalty systems, instead of $80 flat per week come up with a royalty per ad sold. That way the franchisee gets to break even quicker. You can figure it out so its cash flow neutral or the franchisor can make more If the franchisees sells all 32 ads they may wind up paying more royalty but they make money.
  • Go non-exclusive, start with certain categories like Realtors, other good categories to go non-exclusive are auto repair and contractors, because many overlap anyway. That’s how we transitioned to nonexclusively at SuperCoups.

93 out of 500 in 2014 Entrepreneur 500?

From Entrepreneur Magazine:
93 Coffee News Weekly newspaper distributed at restaurants $9.43K - 10.43K

The IFA has 1200 Franchisor Members, others say there are at least 2500 franchisors operating in the US.

How can a franchisor that terminates almost as many as it sells be consider a top 100 franchise?

It makes Entrepreneur Magazines algorithm very questionable.

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Entrepreneur Magazine is no Google

Entrepreneur Magazine algorithm is nothing more adding how many units were sold against a % of the total units in operation.

It's nonsense.

10 years ago. SuperCoups changed the territory size from 80,000 households to 60,000 households.

When SuoerCoups reported to Entrepreneur Franchise 500 they divided the total number of homes mailed by 60,000 and they gained something like a 100 units. In reality they sold one franchise that year. But the 100 units put them #5 on the fastest growing franchise list. A total misrepresentation of what was really going on.

Entrepreneur Franchise 500 is a tool for them to sell ads to franchisors, norhing more and nothing less.

It's a turn off to me when someone brags about being in the Entrepreneur Franchise 500.

Terminating 131% of your franchisees in a 5 year period????

The FDD shows that they terminated 977 franchisees in the last 5 years. And they sold 1047. Are they reselling failed franchisees isn't that called churning?

Wow, I would stay away from any company that terminates almost as many as they sell. That seems to be the definition of a loser.

Does anyone read the FDD?

Item 20 is sometimes hard to understand what is exactly going on. But if any franchisor is terminating almost 200 franchisees a year. Something is very wrong.

That would be a very big red flag.

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Free Content anyone?

When you contact us, ask us how you can get FREE weekly content from us.

This is a new program we now offer and is limited to one person per state so don't delay.


Do you offer the Coffee News Weekly Newsletter?

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FactsWeekly is not connected to Coffee News

Hello Lisa, no we are not affiliated with Coffee News in any way.  Coffee News is a franchise, we are not. We are a subscription service that provides low-cost weekly content for free community papers around the U.S.

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Is it still called "working for yourself" if....?

People tell me they really want to work for themselves.  I hear this all the time.  So why would they then buy into a "free community paper" opportunity where someone else will be making all the important decisions for them?  Can they really still claim to be  "self employed" if they arent even calling the shots?  

We are different.  We simply supply our subscribers with interesting content each week without telling them how to run their business.  We think those decisions are best made by the actual business OWNER.  After all, isnt that the appeal of owning your own business?  You sell ads to any business you want.  Your paper can be laid out any way you like.  You can sell any ad sizes you want.  You can call your paper by any name you choose.  You are not even locked into a contract.  You can quit any time with no further obligation.  Honestly, why would you let someone else tell you how to run your business by making these key decisions for you? 

At FactsWeekly we have no interest in running anyone else's business.  Instead we simply coach and make reccomendations based on our experience.  So far this appears to be a better mouse trap than the typical free paper franchises.  We tried that years ago and quickly decided there had to be a better way.  There is, and we would be happy to share it with you.

Coffee News Litigation

After reading through all the comments I wonder how can they force you out of a territory or win in court. How many news papers are there in a given area? We have lots and lots. They are similar and run ads and have similar content; how could a court rule that mine or yours is impending on theirs, when they may not even have anyone interested in opening a franchise in that area. My area doesn't have a Coffee News, so how could they claim right to a similar publication?

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coffee news & others

This is not a new concept.  We own restaurants.  We use a publication, it doesn't happen to be Coffee News.  If you start one of these you may well find that many of your target outlets already are served.  And no, we do NOT allow other publications. We DON'T WANT THE CLUTTER.

Sometimes people drop stuff off bundles of other publications, or even display racks, without permission. Straight into the dumpster, even the display rack. If you left it without permission, it is at least a gift and/or intentionally abandoned.  Don't like, it sue me.  So far nobody has tried. 

Somebody we already did business with in a different capacity attempted to start one of these.  We refused to even meet with her about it. She was shocked.  She didn't even seem to realize that we already had a similar publication. She pushed it so much she almost lost her prior business relationship with us.

These are a legitimate and established business "concept".  But there are already many players. Don't get rushed into "act now before all the good territories are gone".  They already are. Don't hurry to "get in on this ground floor opportunity" because it isn't one, the elevator left long ago.

Since you have posted this

Since you have posted this twice, I am guessing that you are either a publisher yourself or just an asshole or both. I don't publish this type of publication, but I do publish a monthly magazine. I have bought enough racks in my 20 years of publishing for myself and everyone else around. I would never put a rack in without permission. I bet the person who put the rack in, was told by one of your employees they could. Racks are very expensive and if I found out someone tossed my rack in the dumpster, someone would get an ass kicking. How would you like it if someone tossed your deep fat fryer in the dumpster.

Granville_Bean's picture

But I didn't put my frier in your office

Guest belligerently asks: How would you like it if someone tossed your deep fat fryer in the dumpster.

Oh tough keyboard warrior you are.  I didn't install MY frier in YOUR office without your permission.  I don't go to YOUR ofice and throw YOUR printers in the dumpster. Get the difference?  If these racks are so expensive, you ought to get actual permission before you put them in. Prove to me you had permission. We have one rack with OUR logo on it for a permitted publications, they pay us to be there. Plus two racks with the publishers' logos; each of those publishers has WRITTEN permission for their rack pursuant to an advertising relationship we have with both of them. They only gat a rack as long as we are advertising with them.

Funny that the guy who left the unauthorized rack never complained or claimed that he had permission. He asked where the rack was and we told him..If he put one in the again it would go to the same place. We don't use Coffee News.  The publication we do use, we pay for it, and it has no local advertising. We do use a placemat contractor that uses a business model of giving us free placemats with our ad featured, and he sells local ads to pay for them and make his profit. We have veto over content. He has a written agreement with us also; he didn't just walk in and start leaving them there without permission.

I am simply trying to warn the newbies that the challenge is not ONLY selling ads. The ad buyers will want to know where your publication apprears, and placement is not a gimme either. Our stores are high volume and have some of the highest transaction volumes in the area, and every freakin' crap free publication wants in.  Before we limited it to outfits with whom we have an advertising relationship, our vestibules were jammed with these, and people were putting their publications on top of other people's racks since there was no room for more racks.

It was too much.  Now it's written permission or the dumspster.  Threatening to kick our asses isn't going to get you in.

The Snippet is going global

I run a 4 page free weekly "no bad news" publication in the UK called The Snippet ( and am looking to take it global. I am interested in speaking to anyone in the US that would like to be a partner in developing the franchise over cost involved. email me

Franchises in Asutralia

Would you be interested in Franchises in Australia?

Can yo send a sample of your content?

I am considering setting up my own network or Free Weekly publications in Asutralia.


coffee news franchise turnover

I almost bought a Coffee News franchise several years ago. I turned it down for several reasons, mostly just gut feelings . Turns out it was the best thing I ever did. As I watched over the years since then I noticed that in my home town the franchise owners were turning over, and over and over. I began watching in other cities as well. With a few exceptions, there appears to be no long term owners. For all of the reasons already stated elsewhere here this franchise appears to be quite the money pit.
I had talked to an attorney in regards to creating my own restaurant publication. I was concerned about trademark and copyright issues. He basically said that it's like McDonald's and Burger King.
Both sell a hamburger but they naturally distinguish themselves by calling them different things.
If you want to start in this business on your own you can do it. Use good trade software like Adobe InDesign or Pagemaker. Get a used HP Laserjet 9000dn that can spew out the 11 x 17 copies like crazy.
You just saved yourself tons of money on design and now you can print it as well. Get a Martin-Yale folder and go nuts. Content is everywhere, just make sure it's not copyrighted.
There are numerous sources. You can start this business today for under $2500 and no franchise fees. PRIVATEER!

IT IS possible, I am doing it. BE GOOD AT SALES.

I just want to say, I'm currently doing this NOW.

The city population is about 100K in the place I'm trying. 1400 business JUST IN THE CHAMBER.

I actually went full color. The paper is brochure quality, it looks awesome. The logo is a good representation of the community.

I have a website, joined the chamber, had all marketing material done locally, etc. It's extremely eye catching. I write the content. I do that layout (placing ads/text) BUT DO NOT DO THE GRAPHIC AD DESIGN. I charge a small ad-design fee ($20) for graphic ad design and that goes to graphic designer (I have a few different ones that freelance per project).

I estimated original start up under 2K. I exceeded that because I got website, cards, brochure, etc done local (more expensive than sourcing it out online). $2500 is a good figure. I purchased 1000 promo copies of the paper (had mock ads) and 1000 brochures/cards. I plan to print monthly (10K copies but will distribute them out weekly to ensure stands are always full). My breakeven monthly, will be 12-13 ads per monthly issue.

Everyone is blown away by the product, they love it EXCEPT....

I thought all these businesses would advertise. You have shopping centers opening everywhere here with businesses. This is the problem:

When I went to the more upscale parts of town (that obviously had the budget), that were opening in these new fancy shopping centers, I couldn't get past gate keepers. Receptionists, assistants, front desk people, their job is to keep people like me away from business owners.

Your constantly referred to their e-mail. I would e-mail later that evening, and followup a few days later, never got 1 response (after 40 e-mails and no response I had to stop doing that, waste of time).

I walked into 20 (no exaggeration) on first day and never got to speak to one decision maker.

I said, OK I will go to the other parts of town where I know if I walk into "Tony's Auto Repair," I can speak to Tony. The "Tony's" in town can never make a decision. I have people telling me, despite introducing themselves as "owner" they have to speak with a spouse. I'm constantly told to come back later in the week. I have yet to have someone say, "Wow, this is great, lets do it." Maybe I'm panicking because it's 3 days into sales, 60 businesses and no one is willing to buy.

I had one ad sold, I thought I had broke the loser streak. I call today to let him know I was coming in, he literally stated, "I decided I don't want to do it. I want to save the money." This is coming from a real estate agent backed behind a big brand, that is spending close to $2K in rent.

To advertise in my paper, I'm only asking a bit more than $100 for the month. Yet I have owners talking about budget. Prices are transparent, not hidden. Nothing is complicated, no contracts, no tie-ins, I'm going straight per month pricing.

I try not to get jaded, but it's just disgusting to me. I can walk into a grocery store and spend $50 on a few bags of groceries. The advertisement price of my paper is the price I pay for my cell phone per month. Business owners are not looking at advertisement as: I am the dog groomer, if 2 people come in off this ad, I've made my money back.

I guess my job is to sell them this idea. However, I priced it low so I wouldn't be dealing with this. My family owned small businesses, we always looked at advertisement as how many customers to get ROI.

I've been on the side to who I'm selling too, so I thought this would be pretty easy. I have a business degree. I have years experience in customer service (NOT SALES). I always dress professionally. I try to find out what my business owners are trying to achieve (what product, what service, do they want to push).

It's HARD MANNNN. Do not attempt this if you cannot sell. I'm not at the point that I may have to hire someone to help me sell the ad space which will be taking more $$ out of pocket. I'm getting more organized versus driving around and stopping in. I'm planning sales routes using an app for my stops, so I can hit them one after another.

This is not for the faint of heart. I would have saved my $3K (I'm a part-time student/work part-time). I was hoping this would free more hours so I can go back to school full time and sell ads a couple days of the week.

Another thing I read about CN. You will have constant turnover of ads. I've heard you lose about half each billing cycle. So getting "established" and having this thing on auto-pilot is out the window.

I did speak to a previous franchisee of CN who had hers in another community (CN has never been in my city) that she did have it for about 7-8 years until she retired. She said her paper was always full, but you had to sell those ads.

So we shall see what happens. My first issue was suppose to come out in Aug, I may push back till Sept.

I would say this is less about product and more about sales capability.

Nice One!! I am Doing this in

Nice One!! I am Doing this in Australia!!

Facts Weekly's picture

We can help :)

We think that $2500 is a LOT of money!  We can help people get started without all the problems you mentioned.  Many of our subscribers can get started for virtually ZERO out of pocket cost.  There IS a better way, let us show you!

coffee news

I would like some information concerning starting a mini publication news. Can you advise?

Check out

Check out ...we offer the ability to start this in your own backyard and make $1,400 for each completed edition!

You sell the ads...we do everything else...simple!

Please email if interested... thanks!

Granville_Bean's picture

So selling advertising is simple....

Bill says: "You sell the ads...we do everything else...simple!"

So Bill is recruiting people to sell advertising? Is that on commission? Nothing wrong with that, but that's hardly "owning your own business" or something that belongs on a franchising site.  If you find it simple to sell advertising, and are willing to work on commission, there are many places where you could already get a job.

How many ads do you have to sell for how much, to make the $1400?

A Jibber Java franchise is the way to go!

If Coffee News were in color and had better design style it would be what Jibber Java is today. Franchises are cheaper and the product is much better quality by a mile. The thing to remember is that even there will always be a market for more than one Coffee Break Reader...Jibber Java's only have room for 25 ads...Coffee News 32..that's 57 ads only combined...a town of 500,000 will have around 20,000 businesses so there's plenty of room. Coffee news is already in most places so there are few places left to get a franchise (without moving to a different city) So go with a different franchise - a better franchise opportunity. Jibber Java. It's Fun and FULL COLOR and less expensive than Coffee News so what are you waiting for? visit

I Love My Coffee News

I have been publishing Coffee News for two years with 4 editons that I purchased from a previous publisher. I have never had a problem with distribution as I hear the same thing from everyone "I love Coffee News". Some of distribtion locations include Call Centers, Hospital Waiting Rooms, Doctors/Dentist Office, Car Dealership, Hair Salon as well as over 375 Restaurants.
Customers and Clients love it because it is fast reading. You are usually still waiting for your service and then continue to read the ads. When new advertisers call they love the fact they will be the only business in their catergory in the paper and they say "I see it everywhere". Once your distribution locations are set up, the advertisers will call you.
Good luck and I myself love my JOB and Coffee News!!

Facts Weekly's picture

An alternative ...

Our small company provides weekly content to free local community papers all around the U.S.  Our subscribers pay a small subscription and in return they receive weekly (interesting) content that pleases both their readers AND their advertisers.  We do not charge any additional fees.  

Our subscribers also have free access to our website (members only) where they can exchange ideas (and get questions answered) with other independent publishers from all over the country.  We show them key things like: How to use affiliate marketing to fill their paper, Where to distribute their paper, How to set their ad prices, etc.

Our subscribers typically own their own local paper. Some get 100% of their content from our service while others supplement the content they already have.  We simply provide the content and additional resources for our subscribers to succeed.

We do NOT determine our subscribers'  paper design, layout, ad rates, policies or publication name.  They are 100% responsible for everything other than the content we sell them.  We have no restrictions on what our subscribers can do with 3 exceptions:  1) Our content cannot be published online.  2) Our subscribers may not use our business name or its likeness implying our endorsement/or involvement. 3) We do not accept more than one subscriber in a given area.

Our subscribers are 100% owners of their publications.  We simply provide the interesting content.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more.  We are happy to help :)

further info on your company

Could you also provide your website address? I am interested in your content for local papers.


can you please send me information about pricing and contact for your content.

Thanks Ryan

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We have tried to reach you...

Please contact us directly and we would be happy to answer you questions!

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Hi Ryan!

Sorry for the late response...we dont visit BlueMauMau as often as we would like :)

First, please visit our website, for more information.  Then contact us directly for more details about our service.  We do not accept more than one subscriber in an area so please include what area you are considering as well.

Thank Ryan,


I've never seen as much very

I've never seen as much very thinly disguised spam in a thread before.

Coffee News Litigation Risk

This is in response to the inquiries about getting sued starting your own kind of publication similar to Coffee News. I think when their website says "copyright and trademark laws" I think they are specifically talking about what's referred to as "trade dress laws". Here's a good article from Wikipedia about trade dress:

I'm not an attorney (I am qualified as a paralegal) but I suspect that if you published your own paper that looked similar enough there is definitely litigation risk. So don't call it "Cafe News" and use brown paper basically. I'm not sure exactly how different one would have to be to be safe - but hopefully this is a start for those of you thinking about going solo.

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