Top Ten Percent Franchise

Does anyone have details on a new digital marketing franchise called the Top Ten Percent started by franchise entrepreneur Jerry Clum, Jr. of Comfort Keepers fame? I only see one franchisee listed on their FDD and its new only been around a year or two. Would you invest in it or run away?

Odd, that there are no

Odd, that there are no comments.
I'm curious to see what others thoughts are as well.

on May 4th, 2015

One franchisee is not enough

You want to see multiple (20-30) units thriving before you should even consider investing.

If they are a good concept they should grow organically first.

on May 4th, 2015

Not enough

Totally agree if only one or even more in the pipeline still not enough operations yet.

on May 4th, 2015

McDonalds, Subway, 7-Elevan Started with One.

I saw this thread and thought I should provide some thoughts. All franchise systems at one time start with one location. Some do very well, others do not. They're many reasons why some systems grow very large in a short period while others dwindle with a handful of franchisees for many years. i.e. Is it a good concept in the first place? Is the franchisor selective as to whom they award franchises too? How much competition is there for similar franchises? Can the franchisee earn an equitable return on their investment? Top Ten Percent officially started franchising nationally in late August 2014. The original FDD only shows one location, but as you may already be aware FDD's are reviewed each year so a franchisor could very well have more locations than what the current FDD shows until the next renewal period. Top Ten Percent currently has ten units with an additional 12 locations under development with expected opening dates within the next 60 days. That would bring the total count up to 22 locations. Having spent the last 18 years in franchising, I can tell you that 22 locations in the first nine months would be considered quite an achievement. Jerry Clum, CEO TTP Franchising, Inc. (Top Ten Percent)

on May 5th, 2015