Shula Burger Franchising Smoke, No Prototype

<div class="photoright"><img alt="Artists rendition of Shula Burger franchise" src="/sites/default/files/u9/ShulaBurger680.jpg" style="width: 331px; height: 146px;" /> <div class="caption">Artist rendition of a Shula Burger franchise concept. photo/</div> </div>
In 2010, I noted Chuey&#39;s in Chicago, the one unit Chicago quick casual Indian operation that was working a franchise development plan after success in in first unit. Now Shula Restaurants, an established chain that operates a 32 unit chain of dinnerhouses, announced this week the Shula Burger concept to be franchised, hoping for franchise development for its first unit in Florida.</p><!--break-->
No existing unit, just <a href="">artists renderings</a> (pdf) exist. It does plan to have a company-owned restaurant down the road, a first for Shula Restaurants. This would be another entrant to the &quot;better burger&quot; sub-sector.</p>
<em>Read the full article on the Shula Burger concept <a href="; target="_blank">at NRN</a></em></p>

Proven Concept?

So when they go to sell the FIRST ONE, will the Zee Buyer think it's a "proven concept"?

Re: Proven Concept?

Yes, it's a "proven" concept - can't you tell from the picture? If it looks "proven", it must be "proven".

If the franchisee fails, then, and only then, will the argument be made that it was not "proven". Until then, Shula Burger shall be considered a "proven" concept. Once again, can't you tell by the picture that it looks "proven"?

As the song goes...

Guest said:  Once again, can't you tell by the picture that it looks "proven"?

As the old song goes, "Never been there, but the brochure looks nice".  Or something like that.

re: Proven Concept

You doubting dumb-asses! I guess none of you noticed the little code numbers under each picture er.......rendering. This proves beyond any unreasonable doubt that it's a proven concept.

You are one arrogant p

Proven system is used over and over in the franchising world.  Okay folks the truth is there is no such thing as a proven system.  Once you understand that then you will understand the importance of moving slow and getting lots of qualified counsel.   

No Barbara - You're Wrong

I like the picture that is conceptualized in my mind. The fantasy in my head believes it is "proven".

To prove you wrong, GB even said, "The brochure looks good." Therefore, it's 2 against 1. Get your facts straight!

The relevance of ‘proven system'

Buying an apartment off a plan is one thing when the developer has a track record but when the developer doesn’t have a track record nothing is proven. It may never be built, the developer might collapse ro the plumbing might be missing.

Being able to efficiently produce burgers served by uniforms isn’t necessarily going to be a viable franchise model. And that does not consider the difference between a proven franchise system and a viable franchise model at stages 1 through 4. And that doesn’t take into account that any franchise contract, every franchise model, is susceptible to indirect change within the fixed term therefore containing the potential to turn a previously successful model, if it ever existed, into a dud.

‘Proven’ is an individual concept a franchise investor can rely on only after they exit the franchise with a worthwhile return.  No amount of due diligence covers all bases. I would place a higher level of relevance on an IndFA with a track record than I would on a franchisor that may or may not be around tomorrow.

I want a Shula's/Cold Stone/Cuppy's

Can someone help me make this trifecta a reality?


But you missed the supreme opportunity - Quiznos.

OTOH if someone....

If someone with an existing Shula's (Steakhouse? Never been in one.) wanted to try a "line extension" into a "better burger" store nearby - I'd say go for it.  But I think it oughta be developed beyond just a computer generated rendering before they sell them to the general public.

Shula is a recognizeable name and if the store is in a sports-themed venue where such a name would bring in business, then it could be worthwhile to pay a royalty to operate under that name.  And THAT, folks, is the bottom line.  It's not the system proven or otherwise, it's not the 'hot concept'.  Is using Shula's name worth it?

I have a similar Q about the "Newman's Own" brand (AFAIK they don't franchise).  I know who Paul Newman was, but will that name sell salad dressing in the future?  Will it make the transition to being a product line in its own right, rather than a sort of celebrity endorsement?

Shula's a hot hot concept

No track record?  Don Shula only had 2 losing seasons in his 32 year career, and is the only NFL coach with a perfect season.  Add to that the 99% success rate of franchised businesses (an indisputedly quoted claim), and the award-winning Shula's franchise puts the odds in your favor.

Award winning?  That's right!  Shula's recently won the AAFD award for being 100% in compliance with the AAFD standards for franchise artist's renderings.  Entrepreneur magazine named Shula's to its Top Ten Likely Advertising Spenders for 2011.  And FranWorst recently awarded Shula's a place in its coveted Franchise 5000 list.

But don't just buy a Shula's franchise because you'll be hanging out with NFL legends and have guaranteed success.  Buy it because of the ShulaBurger, the only gourmet burger made with big chunks of fresh, net-captured Dolphins*.

See you on the veranda,

Richard Quick, Esq.

Founding Partner, Quick, Duhk & Hyde

* The players, not the fish