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maaco is horrible

maaco bases everything on that i've been in business 20yrs crap. the problem is for folks buying now. their system fails and maaco's poor operations support just points at the 20yr guy and says it works for them so any problems must be the newbie's fault. do this 20yr man don't just give sonny boy your shop, sell it to him at fair market value if he even qualifies as a buyer, pay maaco their 30% premium, rent him the building at fair market value and really retire. even then he has a leg up because of your reputation but if you did the math as an actual sale today you would see it doesn't work.

maaco currently has active lawsuits against 3percent of its franchisees. add to that all the meineke lawsuits and it is an astronomical number compared to good franchisors. maaco's failure rate is also huge. the argument "the only problem with maaco's system is they are really bad at choosing who owns their franchises" is pathetic.


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