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the only thing growing is their legal department

This organization is shrinking--the number of active stores is getting smaller. Search on the internet and find a copy of Meinke's FDD and you will be shocked how many franchisee operators they have sued over the last three years. The FDD also shows the number of stores decreasing-what message does this send? It's a broken business model with an over priced royalty structure. I was a Meineke franchise owner for ten years. They made tons of money and I earned no more than if I worked 60-70 hrs a week for somebody else. If you are considering any of the Driven Brand franchise programs-do your homework-call some of the existing shop owners that are listed in the FDD--if they are being honest most of them will admit they wish they were independent shops putting the extra 15% in their own pocket. Most consumers do not even understand what services Meineke offers. Ask ten of your friends what does Meineke do? 8-9 will answer mufflers and cheap oil changes. Is there any value in paying 15% for that? The CEO last year cashed in his chips and retired-he could see the writing on the wall for the future of this organization.


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