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Former Maaco Owner

So you have an entire team of executives?? who could not achieve growth at a company whose annual revenues are $8.59 billion, which grew for the first time in three years by 2.9% after their absence, running Maaco? They were so succesful and proud of their former brand that none of them decided to own a Burger King Franchise.

Instead they all decided that their poor performance for Burger King would be great for the Maaco brand of 430 world wide franchisees. 8.59 billion to 450 million?? These managers did a bad job for Burger King and got kicked to the curb. Now they are running a body shop business.

Be forwarned, do not buy a business, Body Shop run by Burger flippers, with no experience. Do not go into business where the executives bailed after failing in their former Burger King business.

Finally but foremost never buy into a franchise business where none of their executives or operational personell become franchise owners.

Maaco is a Scam!


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