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Horrible Company Do Not Buy

Driven Brands / Maaco is a Horrible Company. Be sure and have a Bank, an Accountant and an Attorney talk you out of buying this Franchise. Make sure the Attorney reviews the Franchise agreement and forms Your future lawsuit against this Company when they do not deliver on what Maaco Corporate is supposed to. If you are foolish enough to buy, like I was, make sure you have a war chest and lawsuit prepared. Maaco has been stagnant at 420-440 shops for Fifteen Years. All they need is 50-60 suckers like me to keep their corporate doors open. 50-60 new shops a year 50-60 failed shops a year. All you need to do is work harder than the other guy. Wrong, what you need to do is have working capital of 300-400thousand in addition to what they are selling you and 50-80thousand in reserve for your pending lawsuit. Maaco huge mistake.


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