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Must be a Driven Brands employee response

I saw this and cannot believe it! I am a current Maaco owner for over 6 years and have been losing money since day 1. I have never paid myself and have turned it over to my son to run so I can go back to work full time to support myself and put money into it. The training was a joke, done by adversarial incompetents. The "Developers" are a joke. They have no experience and lie. They gave bad advice that cost me lots of money, made promises to "comp" me if we didn't make money on their ideas and then laugh and refused to make good (M Tidd are you reading this?) their promises. The "support" is a joke as well. It has been a horrible experience and I have put over $350,000 into it since opening at the expense of mortgaging my house (that was paid off), maxing out my credit cards and raiding my 401K's. Why don't I get out? Because I made the mistake of buying land and having a building built and with this Barackalypse economy it is worth a lot less than when I opened. I am hoping if I can hold out for another two years the loan balance will be low enough that I can sell it.


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