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Automotive Experience Helpful

I am not a Driven Brands employee but have been in the car business for over forty years. Am in the BHPH used car business and have used a MAACO shop for the past twenty years. Now, this gentleman owned a towing company prior to MAACO he owned one shop and now owns two more; BTW, he acquired those two stores from dealers who went into very comfortable retirements. He has plans to acquire additional stores when folks in his trade area retire or simply put are NOT car people. I looked at a local MAACO franchise before this gentleman bought the store from a owner who was retiring and who did VERY well. I did not care for MAACO for a few reasons (1) At my age I didn't want to work very hard and did well in my used car business and (2) I felt the "cost of admission" to be high and I frankly felt too tempted to paint cars on "Sunday" ;-). Anyway, there are so many people who whine on this website I have to ask myself if these folks were under capitalized, had no automotive experience or were simply poor operators. I knew of a highly skilled body man in Michigan and was VERY much a failure; simply put a poor businessman.

I am not making this post to be critical of those who have had a rough go of it, but I think MAACO gives potential dealers a unrealistic sales presentation to how tough ANYTHING regarding car business can prove to be. Anyway, good luck to those who make a go of it. Frankly, unless you have the funds to BUY the real estate, you probably should avoid unless you can get a sweetheart lease for the first three years. Furthermore, I wouldn't even attempt this business model without buying an existing location. With a existing location (even poorly managed) has cash flow. Poor process, people and sales can be fixed. Good luck to all. Earl Schieb died for our automotive sins.


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